Yellow Lotus Flower Meaning

The Symbolism Behind The Color Yellow

The color yellow is often used to represent knowledge, creativity, and original thought.

Yellow Lotus Flower Picture

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Yellow is a brain stimulator that encourages practical thinking rather than daydreaming. Yellow is also a very uplifting and confident color that awakens optimism.

Students may find the color yellow helpful during exam time because it helps with making decisions, thinking clearly, focusing as well as recalling information.

It can also have an adverse effect on those with anxiety if they were to see the color yellow moving quickly.

Another negative effect of yellow may include being critical of one’s self or others.

Yellow is not an emotional color.

It often stimulates one’s ego, their self-worth (for better or worse), inspires thoughts about ourselves (for better or worse) as well, and creates concern about what others think about us (for better or worse).

If someone is going through a significant change in life, then the color yellow should be avoided.

Yellow may cause severe anxiety in these cases. Consider surrounding yourself (or the person going through the change) in colors such as green or a soft orange.

 These colors encourage balance in energy and may reduce anxiety caused by yellow.

Be as the Lotus, Open to the rising Sun, unaffected by the muddy depths of its birth or even the water which sustains it.”


The symbolism behind the Yellow Lotus Flower

In most cases, the Yellow Lotus Flower is used as a symbol of creativity, knowledge, and confidence.

 Due to its bright yellow hue, the Yellow Lotus Flower would be perfect for stimulating one’s brain and could be the perfect plant to surround one’s self with during a practical thinking meditation session.

Students may also find it beneficial to study in an area with wild Yellow Lotus Flowers as they would help with their decision-making skills, promote clear thoughts, as well as allow them to focus and easily recall information.

While the Yellow Lotus Flower can contribute to one’s mental health, it could also disrupt it if the person is going through a significant change in life, or suffers from anxiety.

Those who fall into either of these categories should avoid areas with wild Yellow Lotus Flowers.

Yellow Lotus Flower Picture

Otherwise, they could become critical of themselves or others; they could also become overly anxious about their current lifestyle, situation, or change.

The Buddhist Interpretation of the Yellow Lotus Flower

The Yellow Lotus Flower is most commonly used to symbolize the Buddha himself.

When the Yellow Lotus Flower is used in these cases, it is typically referred to as the Golden Lotus Flower.

This Lotus Flower is highly respected among Buddhist followers and is held to the same stature as the Buddha himself.

 Buddhists also believe the Lotus Flower represents other aspects of life as well.

For example, the Lotus Flower plant grows in muddy swamp-type water.

As the flower rises out of the mud and above the murky water’s surface, Buddhists believe that this represents followers who rise above obstacles to reach enlightenment.

Buddhists also believe that the Lotus Flower represents the purification or purity of one’s spirit.

Yellow Lotus Flower Significance

Followers of Buddhism believe that each person is born into a world of suffering.

The suffering is then meant to encourage human beings to become stronger and capable of resisting temptations and evils.

 The person is then sent on the path of enlightenment which allows the person to be “reborn” in the world without suffering.

This road is oftentimes symbolized by the Lotus Flower.

Finally, Lotus Flowers are held in such high regard in the Buddhist religion that their deities are often depicted holding Lotus Flowers in their hands or sitting atop Lotus Flowers in full bloom.

The Importance of the Yellow Lotus Flower in Various Other Cultures and Religions

Egyptian culture uses the Lotus Flower to signify rebirth as well as the Sun and creation.

As previously mentioned, Buddhists use the Yellow Lotus Flower to symbolize the Buddha himself as well as rebirth, and purity of the spirit.

The Importance of the Yellow Lotus Flower in Various Other Cultures and Religions

Followers of Hinduism believe that the Lotus Flower is thought to represent fertility, spirituality, beauty, prosperity, and eternity.

However, their Lotus Flower variety is most often the White Lotus Flower.

History of the Yellow Lotus Flower

The Yellow Lotus Flower is sometimes referred to as the Golden Lotus Flower or the American Lotus Flower.

The Yellow Lotus Flower is a freshwater aquatic plant that does not need to be planted annually.

It is a member of the Plantae kingdom, in the Magnoliophyta division, of the Magnoliopsida class, Proteales order, of the Nelumbonaceae family in the Nelumbo genus, scientifically speaking.

This type of Lotus Flower is native to North American lakes, swamps, and various areas that are prone to flooding.

The Yellow Lotus Flower was likely exported from North America and planted in other regions around the world, just as the other varieties of Lotus Flowers have been imported to North America from their native lands.  

The specific history of the Yellow Lotus Flower remains unknown.

History of the Yellow Lotus Flower

However, it is known that Lotus Flowers have been used for thousands of years in other regions such as Egypt (specifically, the Blue Lotus Flower and the White Lotus Flower).

We also know that the Lotus Flower is highly respected by the Buddhist religion.

They hold various meanings and symbolism for each variety of Lotus Flower but, specifically believe that the Yellow Lotus Flower symbolizes the Buddha himself.

The Yellow Lotus Flower is also highly revered throughout history for its various daily stages.

The bud stage (the first stage), represents one at the beginning of their journey to enlightenment.

The bud also symbolizes one’s potential to reach enlightenment.

 As the bud opens (the second stage), the Lotus Flower represents one in the process of achieving enlightenment.

In the third stage, the flower is fully open and symbolizes a person who has attained enlightenment.

The final stage is the closing process.

This represents an individual who is at peace with himself or herself for he or she is fully enlightened.

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