Which Climbing Plant?

Plants such as clematis and wisteria give height and vertical interest to the garden. If you are considering growing climbers, take a look at the table below to see a selection of the best.

Plant: Actinidia Kolomikta

Description: Deciduous twining perennial grown for its colored foliage featuring pink, white and green leaves although this can take some years to come through. Grows to about 12ft (4m).

Care: The colored foliage is better and more likely to appear if grown against a warm wall.

pink bougainvillea

Plant: Bougainvillea

Description: Its main attraction is the brilliantly colored bracts surrounding insignificant flowers. Most varieties grow to around 15ft (5m).

Care: A tender plant for the conservatory or greenhouse in cooler climates

Plant: Clematis

Description: Grown for their beautiful flowers. There are many varieties so one or more can be found to suit most soil and climate conditions.

Care: Grow against walls or through trees and other shrubs. Check which type you have as this affects pruning times.



Description: Common name, ivy, this large genus of plants is ideal for growing up walls, fences or even as ground cover.

Care: Grow well in all soil types and conditions. They need a year or two to become established.

climbing hydrangea

Plant: Hydrangea Anomala

Description: A vigorous climber, grows to 35ft + (9m). Small white flowers grown as lacy heads.

Care: Grow against a wall or at the base of a tree.


Plant: Jasminum

Description: Both summer and winter flowering varieties of jasmine are grown for their flowers and scent.

Care: Grow in well drained soil, in warm sheltered spots.



Description: Common name – sweet pea. Grown for flowers and scent.

Care: The most commonly grown varieties are annuals. They like well manured, well drained soil.


Plant: Lonicera

Description: Common name – honeysuckle. Many varieties, grown for flowers and scent.

Care: Grow in sun or partial shade, good well drained soil. Good to grow through trees or up pergolas.


Plant: Parthenocissus

Description: Virginia creeper, Boston ivy, etc. These are principally grown for the beautiful color of their autumn foliage.

Care: Prepare planting spot well with well rotted manure. Support until they can cling for themselves.


Plant: Passiflora

Description: Passion flower – grown for their prominent and dramatic flowers.

Care: Needs protection from frost. Grow in a sheltered sunny site.

climbing rose

Plant: Roses

Description: Climbers and ramblers. Grow up walls, through trees and over pergolas.

Care: Plant close to whatever they are growing on. Conditions as for other roses.

wisteria climbing


Description: Grown for their distinctive flowers and often seen grown against the walls of old houses.

Care:  Will grow in most soils but prepare poorer soils with well rotted manure. Protect from cold winds. The flower buds can be damaged by frost.

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