Turmeric: The Golden Healing Magic

A herb that not only possesses multiple medicinal and beautifying properties but also acts as a pivotal ingredient in the kitchen; sounds like magic?

A mystic spice with its origin in India, Turmeric has only recently started gaining prominence as the healer and preventer of most ailments.

Found in almost every kitchen in India, Haldi, as they call it in Hindi, has been an Ayurvedic hero for ages!

Scroll away and learn more about Turmeric’s versatile usage in Ayurveda and more.

Turmeric Herbs and Spices

Why Turmeric is The Ayurvedic Gold

Curcuma Longa or Turmeric that most see as a golden-yellow powder surprisingly belongs to the  Zingiberaceae branch of the ginger family.

Its plant rises to about 3-5 feet of height and its growth has consolidated to major SE Asian tropical regions.

Ayurveda lays its entire foundation in natural herbs and this perennial Indian herb is indispensable in the preparation of liver and skin-related treatments.

The medicinal magic of turmeric lies in its roots or the rhizomes that are boiled, dried, and powdered to reach us in its most convenient and nourishing form.

The powder is bitter to taste and has a pungency to it.

Curcumin, a strong antioxidant, is the most active compound found in the rhizomes of turmeric.

It is a powerful agent that reduces inflammation, blood clotting, cholesterol, histamine levels, and armors vital organs like the heart and liver.

And that’s not it!

Right from helping solve respiratory problems to enhancing the complexion of the skin, it is a trusted solution for most of your health woes.

Trusted, as long as it is consumed in moderation, particularly for people diagnosed with gall stones, hyperacidity, stomach ulcers, and obstructive jaundice.

This versatility of this golden healer is highly and rightly appreciated by Ayurveda and is described through the various names of the herb found in Sanskrit.

  • Haridra (enhancer of body complexion)
  • Kanchani (looks like gold)
  • Nisha (imparts beauty by enhancing complexion which is as beautiful as full moon night)
  • Gowri (yellow in color)
  • Krimighni (works as an Antibacterial and antihelminthic)
  • Yoshit Priya (used in Gynecological disorders)

How Turmeric’s Golden Magic Works in Human Body

turmeric plant uses

However magical it seems, Turmeric works by the principles of Ayurvedic science and helps our body in a multiplicity of problems.

Skin Related Benefits

Turmeric purifies our blood, which consequently nourishes the skin, bringing back its natural glow and radiance.

Its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action is an excellent treatment for wounds, burns, pain, and scars as it accelerates the healing process of the skin.

Its antioxidant nature also helps in attaining a good complexion.

Benefits to Vital Organs

From shielding your liver from toxins, promoting the secretion of digestive juices like bile, flushing out intestinal parasites, reducing menstrual cramps, to clearing out the congestion in the lungs.

Turmeric is a one-stop herb to achieve health for your entire body. 

It makes sure your blood circulation is clot free, metabolism is boosted, and digestion is in check.

Overall Benefits

Severe conditions like diabetes, bronchitis, or asthma find solutions in the use of turmeric as much as regular complaints like coughing or irregular menstrual cycles.

The joint action of its several properties works like magic to maintain the health of our organs, tissues, muscles, joints- the entire of our body!

Why else do you think it is the go-to herb for yogis?

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Turmeric: The Golden Healing Magic
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