Top Tips On How To Keep A Garden Fountain Attractive And In Good Shape

Gardens tend to add charm and character to a property and, if you are a passionate gardener, it is possible that you are constantly updating and decorating the area with various items including planter boxes and fountains.

Garden fountains in particular are highly beneficial to a garden being tranquil and soothing.

They are able to beatify the area and make the garden a space where people can spend hours unwinding while listening to the tinkling of water pouring forth from the fountains.

So, if you adore gardening, here are some top tips on how to carefully maintain and manage garden fountains.

1. The Traditional Technique For Cleaning A Garden Fountain

This is due to the fact that they are prone to dust, dirt, and pollution with rain and snow leaving marks on the structure dependent on your geographical region. 

The first issue to consider when cleaning a garden fountain is to care for the garden pump.

Cleaning the pump thoroughly and wiping away the debris with a piece of cloth can be highly beneficial.

It is also recommended that you open the pump and clear the inside of the pump cover.

Try cleaning the harder to reach places with an old toothbrush instead of leaving them or doing a “sloppy” job with the cloth. 

Once the pump has been cleaned, you will find that the garden fountain will run smoothly for a longer time.

If you want you can also use fountain cleaning and care products to remove the build-up of algae or other bacteria.

When buying garden fountains, it is important that they are made to handle specific blows of time.

It is also recommended that you check if the fountain has any dead leaves or debris after windy days and keep the pump clear from this debris as it can damage the fountain’s overall functioning.

The same process can be utilized with indoor fountains as outdoor ones.

If you think the idea of an indoor fountain is novel, remember many people use them for meditation rooms and also indoor water features make great natural humidifiers.

2. Cleaning The Fountain Using Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning the garden fountain can take more time and effort than any indoor fountain structures.

This is due to the fact that there are several natural elements that must be considered.

For example, birds can add to the appearance of the garden fountain and create a highly unsanitary mess.

If you have chosen a fountain that also operates as a bird bath, it is important to maintain the area regularly.

While the birds may be attractive, it is possible for the birds to become ill if the water is not kept clean.

When choosing cleaning products to manage this issue, it is recommended that you opt for a natural cleaning product that is safe to use and will not cause any health risks to the animals.

For the best results, and to ensure that all animals and even children are not harmed when visiting the fountain, it is advised that you clean the basic regularly with a stiff brush and add fresh water.

Do not allow the water to remain stagnant in the fountain basin for long periods of time as this can result in algae formation.

3. Opt For A Suitable Location

In addition to cleaning the garden fountain regularly, it is essential that you keep certain points in mind to eliminate any unnecessary stress or wear and tear on the fountain.

This can be done by finding the ideal location for the structure in the garden.

It is recommended that the fountain is placed in a visible position, but not in the direct way of foot traffic.

Furthermore, you should avoid placing the fountain in a dusty and dry corner as this will result in more dirt on the fountain.

Regardless of where you live, it is also important that you keep the structure away from places where it can become damaged.

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