Tools Used For Gardening

15 Tools Used For Gardening That Will Enhance Your Favorite Hobby!

Gardening can be a pleasant, therapeutic hobby.

It can also be beneficial to grow your own food or create beautiful landscapes with flowers and plants.

Gardening is wonderful and soothing; there is no denying it. There is also no denying that it can be time-consuming, hard work.

Luckily, there are several varieties of gardening tool that have been specially developed to make this hobby, a little easier and more enjoyable.

1. Raised Garden Kit:

Lifetime 60069 Raised Garden Bed Kit, 4 x 4', Brown
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Inter-Locking Assembly
  • Constructed of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - Will Not Rot, Crack or Peel
  • Full garden setup in less than 1 hour
  • Stackable Design creates 18" high walls
  • Absorbs and retains the needed warmth for root development

Raised Garden Kits are a great gardening tool to consider if you are interested in starting your first garden or if you do not have a lot of yard space to work with.

Traditionally, the soil for raised gardens is formed in a three to four-foot wide area. The length and shape of the garden will depend on your preference and your allotted space.

The raised garden kits can also be made of various types of material. Most kits are made from a type of wood such as cedar or pine.

However, other kits can come in rock or concrete blocks.

Raised garden kits are fantastic solutions to various gardening problems including reducing weed production, extending your planting season, or having quality soil.

Raised garden kits are traditionally square or rectangular in shape. However, these kits give you the chance to get creative!

There are even raised garden kits that are circular or pie shaped. These raised gardens are commonly referred to as keyhole raised gardens because of the path through to the center.

This route is created by a “slice” of the garden being “cut out”. This will appear similar to removing a piece of pie.

This path allows the gardener to properly plants, water as well as harvest their circular garden.

This tool helps make your gardening experience more enjoyable and enhances your passion for the hobby simply by keeping your plants healthy and easy to access.

Raised garden kits are highly recommended for those with little gardening space and the elderly.

2. Roto-Tiller:

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator
  • Earthwise tiller with a powerful 8.5-Amp electric motor with superb run time and service life
  • Corded electric tiller ideal for small to medium-sized gardens
  • 4 tine cultivator long handle that can cultivate and till up to 11" wide and 8" deep
  • Lightweight and maneuverable 11-inch cultivator with single lever switch
  • Cultivator machine with a soft ergonomic grip that is an planet-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn and garden equipment

According to Rotary Tools Guy roto-tillers are one of the best tools to have around if you are interested in becoming a serious gardener or farmer.

This tool is perfect for cultivating the new soil for planting vegetable or flowers. Most gardeners that use a roto-tiller do so because they need to develop a large piece of land.

Cultivating large areas of land manually is generally not in the best interest of the gardener.

Therefore, the roto-tiller should be the tool of choice. Roto-Tillers are motorized machines that pulverize the hardened soil or tills the new soil in preparation for planting.

The end result is similar to that of the manual broadfork. However, the roto-tiller is capable of deeper tills and a finer cultivation with minimal effort.

Roto-Tillers come in various sizes to tackle particular jobs. For example, an industrial sized tractor with a cultivator pulled behind it would be perfect for a farm but, it would be far too much for a private garden.

Whereas the private garden would be cultivated by a roto-tiller, rotavator, or mini tiller depending on the difficulty level of the job as well as the amount of space.

However, each machine gets the job done and is vastly beneficial to the farmer or serious gardener. While the roto-tiller can make a difficult task easier, it can also make the job more dangerous.

The following information is vital for you to keep in mind in regards to this gardening tool.

The Roto-Tiller is usually a smaller machine that propels forward while rotating the teeth on the hardened ground.

This tool can be very dangerous to the handler because they are generally heavy duty tools that can move forward quickly.

If the handler is not strong enough or is not comfortable enough to control the machine, then they should consider asking someone else to take over. Also, the roto-tiller is not a machine that can be pulled backward with the intention of further tiller the soil. Most of these machines should go forward to prevent the handler from losing control and potentially harming himself or others.

3. Shovels:

Fiskars Square Garden Spade Shovel - 46" - Steel Flat Shovel with D-Handle - Garden Tool for Digging, Lawn Edging, Pruning - Heavy Duty Weed Puller Tool - Black/Orange
  • GARDENING ESSENTIAL: Heavy duty, ergonomic shovel ideal for a variety of gardening tasks like cutting through turf and grass, digging and turning in tough soil, and more to encourage overall garden health and appearance
  • MAXIMUM POWER AND PRECISION: Welded, all-steel construction boosts power for digging in tough soil and enhances rust resistance; Teardrop-shaped shaft and oversized D-handle are ergonomically designed for more control and to reduce fatigue
  • LONG-LASTING AND RELIABLE: Steel head and blade stay sharp through heavy use and provide excellent durability for lasting value; Fiskars shovels and garden tools are built to last
  • QUALITY GARDEN TOOLS: Designed to help you cultivate a better garden, Fiskars garden and yard tools are equipped with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that make it easier and more enjoyable to transform your outdoor space
  • INCLUDES: 1 Fiskars Square Garden Spade Shovel; Full lifetime warranty

Shovels are a gardening essential!

The word “shovel” can be used to describe any tool that lifts, digs, and moves materials on a small or large scale.

Shovels can come in various sizes from industrial to hand tools. Each one serves a purpose for a particular task.

They are exactly what a gardener needs for tasks involving digging, moving soil and lifting things.

Anyone that works in construction, farming, gardening, or agriculture will need to use a shovel at some point.

Shovels can be made of various materials and used for different tasks.

For example, some shovels have a plastic blade and a fiberglass handle.

These shovels would be mainly used for snow removal. Other shovels may have a steel blade and a wood handle.

These shovels are commonly used for gardening, digging, maneuver removal and various other heavy duty dirty jobs.

Shovels are always a manual tool and are not motorized in any way.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the multiple different varieties of shovels to help you decide which shovel you need to complete the task at hand.

Coal Shovel: Coal Shovels have broad, flat blades that are made of steel. The handle is usually “D” shaped. True to its name, this shovel is typically used to move coal.

Snow Shovel: Snow Shovels have very wide blades that are usually made of a hard plastic with a steel blade on the end. Snow Shovels are deeply constructed to remove large portions of snow at a time. As the name suggests, this shovel is commonly used to remove snow.

Grain Shovel: Grain Shovels are shorter and lighter than the previous types. They have a blade made of aluminum or plastic with a wooden “D” shaped handle. The design of this shovel is perfect for moving grain without damaging it.

Gardening Trowel: This tool is very common for gardeners with small private gardens. The gardening trowel is a handheld, small, shovel that generally only requires one hand to operate. Most gardeners use the trowel to make holes in preparation for planting in their outdoor gardens or their planter pots.

Other types of shovels that you may need include the roofing shovel, the spade, the square shovel, the fireplace shovel, a trenching shovel, or an entrenching shovel.

Each of these shovels is equipped for a particular task.

However, most of them would not be appropriate for your gardening needs.

4. Trowel:

Fiskars Ergo Trowel - Heavy Duty Gardening Hand Tool with Hang Hole - Lawn and Yard Tools - Black/Orange
  • GARDENING ESSENTIAL: Heavy duty, ergonomic hand trowel ideal for a variety of gardening tasks like digging in tough soil, maintaining your herb garden, digging all holes, turning soil, and more to encourage overall plant health and appearance
  • MAXIMUM POWER AND PRECISION: Cast-aluminum head boosts power for digging in tough soil and enhances rust resistance; Ergonomic handle allows for more control of trowel and reduces fatigue
  • LONG-LASTING AND RELIABLE: Polished aluminum head stays sharp through heavy use and provides excellent durability for lasting value; Fiskars hand trowels and garden tools are built to last
  • QUALITY GARDEN TOOLS: Designed to help you cultivate a better garden, Fiskars garden and yard tools are equipped with smart technologies and award-winning, ergonomic features that make it easier and more enjoyable to transform your outdoor space
  • INCLUDES: Fiskars Ergo Trowel with hang hole; Full lifetime warranty

As mentioned above the gardening trowel is one of the main tools that a gardener requires.

Therefore, it is important that we dive a little further into what this tool is and what it can do!

A trowel is a small gardening shovel that has a narrow, pointed blade that is usually made out of metal.

Although, some have a hard plastic blade that is not as effective.

 These small hand-held shovels are used to dig smaller holes, break up a small area of dirt, add fertilizer, plant new plants, remove weeds, and for transferring plants.

There are a few different varieties of the gardening trowel that may perform a particular task better than another.

We are already aware of the gardening trowel and how beneficial it is to the gardening community.

However, there is another type of trowel that is useful to an entirely different group of people.

It is called the cathole trowel.

This scoop is very similar to the gardening tool except that it is usually more pointed and may have a ruled edge to assist its handler with measurements.

The cathole trowel is very common amongst campers, hikers, backpackers, and various others that enjoy the great outdoors.

They use this tool to dig a hole in the ground, usually away from the campsite or hiking trail.

Once the hole is dug, they use the hole as a makeshift outdoor bathroom.

This would explain why some modern day designs of the cathole trowel have toilet paper inside the handle.

The handler would then bury their deposit to the earth with the cathole trowel and continue on their way.

Another type of trowel is called a masonry trowel. This tool is standard for bricklayers as the blade is flat and pointed.

Bricklayers or masons will use this tool to help them level, spread, or shape materials such as plaster, mortar, or cement.

These are used if you are planning to lay some bricks in your garden.

5. Bow Rake:

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle and 16 Steel Tines, 58-Inch
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Commercial grade
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra thick 10 gauge steel
  • 16 tine steel head

Another essential gardening tool is the bow rake!

This tool is not as big as a lawn rake (usually, the rake used to remove fallen leaves in the Fall) nor is it as small as a gardening hoe.

In fact, many handlers believe it is the best of both worlds!

The bow rake is mainly used to complete gardening tasks such as moving dirt around, sifting through soil for rocks and other unwanted items, as well as leveling the ground in preparation for planting.

You can easily spot a bow rake by its appearance.

The head of the rake is not as broad, and it is usually very straight. The head is also where you will find multiple tines that are used to help collect materials from the ground or move them around.

The head of the rake is traditionally made of metal or steel, and the handle is commonly made of wood.

This rake is designed for digging and moving rather than cleaning up a yard.

Therefore, it is not recommended for gathering fallen leaves or grass clippings.

The bow rake is the tool to turn to once you have tilled new soil either with the roto-tiller or with a broadfork.

Once the ground is broken up by the tiller, the bow rake can then be used (tine side down) to remove rocks, garbage, roots, or other items that may have been uprooted from the ground by the tiller.

The bow rake then saves the gardener from having to remove these items by hand, thus making the task much easier.

Once the soil is loosened and the unwanted rocks and other items are removed, then the gardener can use the bow rake to level the soil and prepare it for planting.

This part is usually done with the flat end of the head rather than the tines. Finally, on

6. Garden Gloves:

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women & Men - Multi-purpose Work Gloves - Breathable and Absorbent Bamboo Gloves - Gardening Gloves for Men
  • BREATHABLE BAMBOO COMFORT: Breathable bamboo gardening gloves for women and men will keep your hands cool. Bamboo absorbs perspiration and is naturally very breathable. Keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. Pine Tree Gloves are suitable for any job and pleasurable to wear.
  • FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN - Do you take off your mens gardening gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare hand sensitivity and are Touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smartphone or tablet without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walk around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit? See our listed size chart picture on the left to determine your correct size. Our gloves have proven abrasion resistance.
  • NOTE - Our gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • PURE SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK - Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips, and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!

Gardening gloves care an essential gardening tool because of they keep your hands safe from prickly plants and they also help make your gardening experience more enjoyable.

Different gloves are designed for particular tasks.

For example, if you enjoy gardening in cooler months then you may need leather gardening gloves that have a fleece lining.

These gloves help keep your hands safe and warm.

Gardening gloves come in handy when you need to handle plants with thorns and sap as well as when you need to be around itchy grass.

Gloves can also help protect your hands from painful blisters, splinters, and sunburn.

Many old-fashioned gardeners may choose to interact with soil with their bare hands, and while this may be a fun part of gardening, the soil tends to remove the moisture from the skin, leaving your hands dry and cracked.

Therefore, wearing gardening gloves can help protect your hands from becoming dry and cracked as well as keep them moderately clean.

Your hands are also protected from dangerous gardening tools when you wear gloves.

Some gardening shovels and other instruments can have sharp edges or pointy tines.

These gardening gloves are designed to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that could cause infections.

As I previously mentioned, there are multiple types of gardening gloves.

Gloves made of thick cotton are traditionally used as an all-purpose work tool. These gloves commonly have rubber spots on the palm and finger areas to assist with grip.

Rubber gloves are generally used for dirtier jobs such as working in the mud because they can be easily cleaned.

In addition to these types and the fleece lined leather gloves there are:

  • Latex gloves
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Nylon gloves

Each of these gardening glove materials can be viable options depending on the task at hand (pun intended).

7. Wheelbarrow:

Worx WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart / Wheelbarrow / Dolly
  • [200 LBS = 17] The Turbo Lift design provides leverage to transport tremendous loads, making 200 lbs feel like approximately 17 lbs.
  • [8 DIFFERENT CARTS IN 1] It quickly transforms from a lightweight wheelbarrow into a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover & trailer tote
  • [FLAT-FREE TIRES] Always get a smooth ride with these rugged tires that will never need inflating
  • [CLEVER DESIGN] The innovative two-wheel placement makes all eight functions possible by shifting the fulcrum, and thus the center of gravity, to the optimum place for each job
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

A wheelbarrow is a splendid time-saving gardening tool to consider if you are planning a fresh crop, transferring plants, or removing a large quantity of dirt or other materials from an area.

It is described as a single-wheeled vehicle that operates by hand.

The handler of the wheelbarrow uses the two handles to push it from place to place. T

he single wheel is located in the front of the tool, and the rear is usually balanced with metal or wooden legs.

This design helps to counterbalance the weight of materials inside the tub of the wheelbarrow with the movement provided by the handler to transport the materials to another location.

An example of the purpose behind the wheelbarrow is as follows:

If a farmer or stable boy need to clean up after the animals in the stable, they would require the help of various tools.

They would likely need a shovel with a metal blade and wooden handle, and they would need a wheelbarrow.

The farmer or stable boy would then scoop the animal droppings from the floor of the barn with the shovel and launch it into the tub of the wheelbarrow.

When the task is completed or, when the wheelbarrow is full, the farmer or stable boy would then push the wheelbarrow full of waste to another location and dump it out.

The history behind the wheelbarrow dates back hundreds of years. In fact, the wheelbarrow that is commonly used in China has been designed with the wheel located in the middle of the tub and therefore is responsible for supporting the entire load.

Wheelbarrows are thought to have been popular tools for those moving large boulders, and other large items from one place to another.

This device is time-saving for the gardeners and other operators simply because the wheelbarrow can relocate and carry more materials (varying in weight) in fewer trips than the single person can on their own.

8. Hori Hori:

Black Iron Hori Hori Garden Knife [7 Inches, Japanese Stainless Steel] Durable Gardening Tool for Weeding, Digging, Cutting & Planting with Leather Sheath and Sharpening Stone
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN. Take your gardening skills to the next level with Black Iron's Hori-Hori Garden Knife. It features a beveled edge for slicing and a serrated edge for cutting through tough roots, and a sturdy ergonomic handle for better grip and ease of use.
  • DURABLE & MULTIPURPOSE. Accomplish a wide variety of gardening tasks such as cutting, digging, weeding, pruning, and planting bulbs easily with this powerful gardening tool. It features a 7 inch blade and is made of 100% stainless steel that is rust-resistant and and helps tackle the toughest garden jobs
  • MEASURE SOIL WITH EASE with this gardening knife's easy to read depth measurements in both millimeters and inches, making planting seeds and bulbs a breeze.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT & SAFETY. Black Iron garden knife has become a favorite of so many gardeners and for good reason - aside from its 5-inch sturdy hardwood handle that offers incredible grip, it comes with a sleek and heavy-duty leather sheath that keeps your blade in perfect condition when not in use.
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP. Crafted to top-notch standards, this Japanese Gardening Tool features a high-grade stainless steel blade that extends into a full tang for superb strength and durability. You'll also get a free sharpening stone to keep your gardening knife in great condition. Order yours today!

A Hori Hori is a common gardening tool that is similar to a knife.

Its appearance and use are the reason behind the Hori Hori’s other names, the soil knife or the weeding knife.

The blade of the Hori Hori is very sharp and is used the cut through weeds or other objects.

The opposite side of the Hori Hori is slightly less sharp for weeds that are less stubborn.

The Hori Hori is usually about eleven to fifteen inches long, including the handle.

The serrated side of the knife is perfect for cutting through the thick roots or even through hard soil.  

Many gardeners find that the Hori Hori is very useful when planting new bulbs.

This is mainly due to the sharpness and effectiveness of this tool in the dirt.

This gardening tool was first developed in Japan and used to collect plants from the mountains.

Japan is also where the Hori Hori received its unusual name. In Japanese, the word “Hori” actually means “to dig” and they found that this knife made a distinct sound as it was being dug into the ground.

That sound was then described as “hori hori” and thus the name of this gardening knife was born!

However, the Japanese also refer to the Hori Hori as the Sansai Knife (after the plant they removed from the mountains) as well as the Leisure Knife.

The Hori Hori is easy to identify because of its particular double sided blade design, size, and shape.

Most Hori Hori knives are made of strong carbon steel with a smooth wooden handle.

However, this knife is becoming more commonly made with a stainless steel blade which is considered much weaker than the strong carbon steel.

Also, the shape of the blade is traditionally concaved and designed for digging or prying.

9. Garden Hose:

No products found.

A garden hose is essential to have as part of your gardening toolkit.

Once your soil is tilled, raked, dug and the seeds are planted; they will require water and sunlight to help them grow!

A garden hose is generally made of rubber or a type of soft plastic.

Both of these materials allow for the garden hose to be flexible, smooth as well as tough.

Gardening hoses are typically attached to a faucet, spigot, or tap.

There are various types of attachments on the market for garden hoses if yours does not include one.

It is no mystery what a garden hose is used for. They are essential for transporting clean water from a water source (spigot, tap, etc.) to a flower bed vegetable garden, or other landscaped areas.

They are also beneficial during a car wash.

10. Pruning Shears:

gonicc 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1003), Hand Pruners, Garden Clippers.
  • Drop forged body and handles.
  • Quality blade made of Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing Technology.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.
  • Sap groove design to help keep pruning shears from sticking by channeling off sap.
  • Pruners can cut up to 3/4" diameter size tree branches.This may vary depending on tree species.

Pruning shears can be very helpful to gardeners of any experience level.

Beginners to experts can find that using pruning shears is a safe and effective way to cut plants, vegetables and other greenery in your gardens or landscapes.

Pruning shears are sometimes referred to as hand pruners depending on where you live.

They are very similar to scissors in that they are designed to cut through materials and objects.

Most pruning shears have two sharp blades and two handles commonly covered with rubber to add comfort during use.

Pruning shears are capable of cutting through the shrubbery, roots, and various other small, sturdy materials.

However, they are not equipped to cut through tree branches or anything with a thickness greater than 2 centimeters.

For landscaping projects, you may want to consider using Loppers which are large pruning shears capable of cutting tree branches.

There are three varieties of blade designs for pruning shears.

They include a bypass, anvil, and parrot-beak. Each blade design serves a specific purpose to a particular task at hand.

Bypass pruning shears are very similar to scissors in the way that they cut.

They bypass each other.

One, if not both, of the blades of the bypass shears, is usually curved to some degree. The anvil pruning shears will only have a single blade. This single blade then closes onto a type of flat surface.

Parrot-beak pruning shears are unique in that the blades are both concave shaped and pass each other.

This system then traps the plant roots or stems between the blades in order to cut them.

Pruning shear handles come in varying lengths in order for the gardener to reach a particular area without damaging the plants or putting themselves in harms way.

11. Leaf Blower:

Worx WG520 12 Amp TURBINE 600 Electric Leaf Blower
  • [TURBINE FAN TECH] Worx engineers figured out how to get a jet engine-type motor inside of a leaf blower. Super powerful, yet not so loud that you’ll think it’s getting ready for takeoff
  • [TWICE AS FAST AS PRO BLOWERS] Professional-grade gas blowers rely on outdated tech. The Turbine is cutting edge, and spins twice as fast as the blowers used by commercial grounds crews
  • [2 SPEEDS FOR DIFFERENT JOBS] Go slow for pavement or tight corners. On the open lawn, switch to speed 2 and see what the 110 mph Turbine can do
  • [600 CFM] We named the Turbine 600 after the 600 Cubic Feet per Minute of high-capacity air volume that shoots out of its wide-mouth nozzle. That’s a wide, strong path of air that allows you to clear large areas with fewer passes
  • [DO IT YOURSELF. DO IT BETTER. DO IT WITH WORX.] WORX tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost-effective tool collection that’s been designed to last

A leaf blower can be your best friend during the Fall months.

Leaf Blowers are landscaping and gardening devices that are designed to blow debris and leaves from an unwanted located (such as your yard) into a more suitable location (such as your neighbor's yard LOL).

The way this landscaping or gardening tool works is that it propels or forces air through its nozzle (located on the front of the instrument).

The forced air then moves the debris forward and to another location.

Some leaf blowers rely on electricity and others require gasoline.

 Either option will complete this task with minimal effort from the gardener.

Unlike the strenuous and time-consuming leaf rake, which must be done manually.

12. Garden Scoot:

No products found.

A garden scoot is not necessarily an essential gardening tool.

However, if you enjoy this hobby, have physical health problems, or if you are elderly, then you may want to consider adding the garden scoot to your collection.

The garden scoot is a seat, handle, and wheels to help you scoot around your garden or yard without hurting yourself by getting up and kneeling down.

They have four wheels to provide full support as well as a handle to add to your protection.

Most garden scoots have an attached basket or container for you to collect vegetables or flowers in.

This gardening tool can significantly enhance your gardening experience by reducing the stress on your back, knees, and legs.

By reducing your pain, it will reduce your overall stress, thus helping you to enjoy your outdoor hobby that much more!

13. Fork:

True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Digging Fork with 30 in. Hardwood D-Grip Handle, 30 Inch
  • Forged spading fork head
  • 4 diamond pointed steel tines for easy soil penetration
  • 30-inch hardwood handle for strength and durability
  • Poly D-Grip for added leverage and control
  • Made in the USA

This garden tool is also called a turning fork or pitch fork and resembles the eating utensil by the same name.

A needed tool for turning freshly plowed soil, harvesting root crops and spreading hay over the garden soil.

A garden fork comes in various sizes and is handy for many gardening and landscaping tasks.

Whatever size you select, purchase one with stainless steel tines for strength and longevity.

14. Hoe, Mattock, Ax

Bully Tools 92354 12-Gauge Warren Hoe with Fiberglass Handle
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Commercial grade
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra thick 12 gauge steel
  • Extended steel ferrule increases strength

A hoe is an essential garden tool and is used for creating planting furrows, pulling the soil over seeds, chopping down weeds and other related garden tasks.

A mattock breaks up hard soil deeply and an ax with enable the gardener to clear away small trees and/or long hanging limbs that impede the sun from shining its light on plants.

A bush ax will clear tall growing grass and weeds off a new plot of ground so it can be transformed into a productive garden.

15. Tool Caddy 

Gardener's Supply Company - Heavy Duty Mobile Tool Storage Caddy - All in One Easy-Roll Garden Tools Utility Cart Carrier - Includes 5-Gallon Bucket & Fabric Tool Organizer with Multiple Pockets
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Made from Polyester, polyethylene fabric, steel tube, polypropylene. 14" W x 41-1/2" H. Rectangular bucket: 11-1/2" W x 12" H x 8-1/2" deep. Circular bucket holds 5 gallons. Weighs 17.6 lbs. Fabric is imported.
  • BEST USE FOR: Make less trips back and forth to the garden with this tool caddy! Great for all Gardening tools and keeping them organized while on the job!.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Polyethylene fabric is soft, lightfast, and easy to clean. It's also super strong and can be cleaned with bleach; even with dark colors. Steel tube won't rust or degrade in sunlight and lasts for years — even decades!
  • EASY TO USE: This easy-roll caddy is easy and efficient. Just roll the caddy where you need it and you're ready to go.
  • GARDEN TESTED & GUARANTEED: Every purchase you make is 100% guaranteed. We will exchange or refund your purchase for any product that is not what you expected or does not work as described during its lifetime.

A wheel barrow can handle the heavy load lifting and carrying, but sometimes the garden work will be light-weight and smaller tool caddy will suffice.

A five gallon bucket and similar receptacle should be the place where all the small, but needed, garden tools are kept for quick grab-and-go work.

Stock your tool caddy with cotton gloves, safety goggles, knee pads, pocket knife, trash bag and all other small items that come in handy when harvesting vegetables or dead-heading flowers.

Final thoughts to sum up:

Gardening should be a rewarding and stress-relieving hobby.

These gardening tools and various others can contribute to making that happen! We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing gardening tools.

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