Tips for Improving the Functionality and Longevity of Your Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is an important aspect of your home life that adds beauty, serenity, and a soothing element to your immediate environment. Your outdoor water fountain will require a certain amount of maintenance and care if it will last for many years and continue to provide good service to you.

The following article contains some helpful tips and pointers for keeping your outdoor water fountain well-maintained and working for many years to come.

1. Choose a Good Spot for Installation.

The best way to begin a long life of functionality for your fountain is by selecting the best location. You will want to keep it out of high-traffic areas as it will be virtually impossible to relocate one installed. This will also keep small children and others from accidents. You will want to select a location in full view of the surroundings so that its aesthetic qualities can be fully enjoyed.

2. Ensure that the Water Fountain is Securely Placed

According to Outdoor Fountain Pros, while installation can hold them firmly in place, the structure of your fountain can be thrown over if not installed correctly. Be sure the base of the fountain has been properly secured to floor mounts and the water-containing area is secured properly. This will keep the fountain structure securely fastened to the floor in even the most adverse weather conditions.

3. Clean the Fountain with Compatible Cleaners

You will find outdoor fountains come in a great variety of materials and each one will react differently to different cleaning agents. Concrete, copper, and steel must be cleaned and maintained with proper cleaning agents or their beauty will be compromised. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents and scouring pads.

4. Pick out Leaves and Other Debris Regularly

An outdoor fountain may attract a wide variety of birds who come for a drink of water and to freshen up a bit. After a while, your fountain will contain a considerable amount of feathers, leaves, and bird droppings that can turn the water green and mess with the fountain itself. Daily cleaning out of these minor contaminants is the best way to keep a clean and attractive pool.

5. Clean the Water Every Other Day

In addition to the many birds who will make your fountain a refreshing station, you may even be visited by squirrels or even the occasional raccoon. While they don’t mean any harm, they can turn the clean water into a murky swamp very quickly. Make it a habit to clean your fountain out as it is needed. This may be once every two or three weeks depending on the location it is installed.

6. Clean the Pump Regularly

The pump is the most important part of your water fountain and the device that keeps everything moving properly. To prolong the service life of your pump, address the cleanliness of this device regularly. An old toothbrush is just the thing to clean out the muck that accumulates and restore functionality to the device.

7. Protect the Fountain during Winter

If you live in a cold region you may have noticed that your lakes and rivers began taking on a solid aspect during the winter months. Ice is a naturally occurring phenomenon and your fountain is not safe out there. Winterizing your fountain may protect the structure and mechanisms from harm, but in very cold climates it will need to be drained and stowed until spring warms things up a bit.

8. Apply Sealant and Repair Cracks as Required

Inspect the surface and conditions of your fountain regularly. It is a lot easier to apply a proverbial “stitch in time” rather than needing to replace bits and pieces after damage has become acute.

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