Stargazer Lily Smell

Stargazer Lily Smell

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Bred by crossing Lilium auratum and L. speciosum in the late 1970s, Stargazer lily (Lilium orientalis ‘Stargazer’) is one of the most popular lilies in the world.

Stargazer got the name because its flowers face the sky, unlike the usual downward-drooping lily flower.

Their white or pink flowers will light up any location. Even if you have only one plant, the whole garden will take on an entirely new vibe.

However, their flowers not only look but also smell different. And while this smell adds to their attraction for some, there are people who have fragrance allergies, and for whom it is just too much.

If you are in the don’t like group, don’t give up on this iconic flower so quickly because there is a solution to keep its smell in check!

Why do Stargazer Lilies Smell Bad?

Like many other types of flowers, Stargazer lilies need pollinators to reproduce. However, in order for pollinators to visit the flowers, Stargazer lilies first need to attract them, and they do it with their striking colors or intense fragrance.

It is the reason why stargazer lilies smell the way they do. 

Bees and other pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles, and flies transfer pollen from one plant to another and thus help in the fertilization and reproduction of plants, but also contribute to the spread of fragrance.

How to Keep Them From Smelling?

The (un)pleasant scent that Stargazer lilies disperse in their surroundings is a problem that can be solved easily. The key is just to snip off the stamens responsible for the fragrance and to which pollinators come to pick up the pollen.

It’s a simple procedure, but you shouldn’t go willy-nilly into it because the stamens have another unpleasant surprise for the inexperienced Stargazer growers. 

The process is as follows:

  • Prepare a newspaper or a large plate and place it under the plant. It is especially important if you cut the stamens inside of the house because in addition to the unpleasant smell, stamens, that is, pollen located at the stamens’ tips, leaves stains that are difficult to get rid of.
  • Put on gloves, so the pollen doesn’t stain your hands.
  • Take sharp, short scissors or a pair of tweezers with which you will remove the stamen from the flower.
  • Pull the stargazer lily petals back to reveal the stamen fully.
  • Remove the stamen completely.
  • Place the stamen on the substrate and repeat the process for each Stargazer lily flower you have. 
  • Throw the cut stamens in the trash. 

Yet, take into consideration that plants without stamens will not produce seeds. In other words, the mentioned procedure leaves you without the possibility of propagating new plants by seeds.

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