Stargazer Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Stargazer Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Do you know the language of flowers? Flowers can represent anything, including love, hope, loss, healing, and even friendship. So whether you’re picking out a flower for a wedding, holiday, or birthday, there’s a specific one for each occasion.

Just like the red rose symbolizes love and the yellow rose symbolizes friendship, lilies have symbolic meaning as well. Stargrazer is one of the most popular types of lilies. This flower is available in many colors and is widely used in bouquets and flower arrangements. Many people even get stargazer lilies as tattoos.

History of Lilies and Its Meaning

Stargazer Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The language of flowers isn’t a recent discovery. It’s a language that’s been used for centuries. We can see traces of it throughout history: in folklores, mythologies, sonnets, plays, and even in Shakespeare’s works.

Flowers are usually associated with many legends and myths, and so is lily. According to Greek mythology, the flower lily is often associated with the greek goddess ‘Hera’. She is known to be the goddess of marriage and birth, and lilies are said to form from her breast milk.

In Christianity, lilies symbolize purity and chastity. Lilies are associated with Virgin Mary. But in the past, lilies have also been used to mourn the death of young innocent children. This shows that lilies have been used for both spiritual and religious reasons.

Lilies can be dated back to the Bronze Age civilizations. One of the prominent ones among these would be the Minoan Civilization. They were familiar with lilies, and this can be concluded by a sacred painting depicting a lily that was excavated in the region they were settled in.

Meaning of Stargazers

As stargazers are a type of lily (Oriental Lilies), they also symbolize purity, simplicity, and innocence. Some people even link stargazer lilies to sympathy. 

However, their meaning can change with color. For example, pink stargazers symbolize romance. They’re also associated with prosperity, wealth, and ambition. They are also used in apologizing to someone or showing one’s gratitude towards another.

Stargazers are often used for religious purposes as well, as they’re a symbol of purity and chastity. However, there isn’t one specific meaning of the flower. There are many meanings, including commitment, determination, success, passion, and fulfillment of dreams.

Apart from the mainstream and traditional meanings of the flowers that have been mentioned above, there are many non-traditional meanings too. You can use the flower according to your need, whichever meaning you prefer. Because of such a wide variety of symbolic meanings, these will make a perfect gift for any flower lover.

This flower is packed with meaning and will be a deep and meaningful gift for someone. It’s perfect if you want to apologize to someone, you want to wish someone good luck, or if you want to congratulate someone.

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Stargazer Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism Pin
Stargazer Lily Flower Meaning and Symbolism
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