Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

It is believed that the snapdragon flower originated in Europe and North America. Some believe it may have originated in Africa. Snapdragons are members of the Plantaginaceae family’s Antirrhinum genus and come in a variety of cultivars.

Snapdragons come in a variety of colors. They can withstand a wide range of growing conditions, making them an excellent choice for new gardeners.

The National Garden Bureau named the snapdragon the flower of the year in 1994. In this blog post, we explore the meaning and symbolism of this lovely flower.

What Are Snapdragon Flowers?

Snapdragon Flower Care and Info

Snapdragon flowers are short-lived perennial plants with lance-shaped leaves. The flowers, on the other hand, are tubular and large with a closed lip-like mouth. The snapdragon flower formation excludes most insects and can only be forced open by strong bees.

What Is The Significance Of The Name Snapdragon?

When you squeeze the sides of this flower, it resembles a dragon closing and opening its mouth.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Snapdragon Flower

Flower meanings and symbolism have long influenced society. Snapdragons too carry important messages. Its upright growing habitat and harsh native habitat symbolize grace and strength. They are also linked to deception. These flowers have been used throughout history to ward off evil and bad luck.

Symbol of Strength.

Snapdragons can withstand a wide range of growing conditions, making them a symbol of strength and tenacity. This flower’s ability to thrive in rocks and stones has been compared to a person’s ability to overcome life challenges.

It is an ideal present for those you consider to be hardworking and focused in life.

Symbol of Grace

Snapdragons are also associated with grace. Why? They grow tall and straight. They are also thought to have the ability to restore a woman’s beauty and youth.

Symbol of Deviousness

In Victorian England, the snapdragon was used to send messages of love and devotion between lovers. Even married people would send snapdragons to their mistresses to convey important messages. The snapdragon was also used to apologize to someone who had offended you.

Symbol of Deception

Snapdragon flowers were once associated with protection. Wearing a snapdragon was thought to provide protection against deception. It’s unclear how these flowers got associated with deception.

Color Meanings of the Snapdragon Flower

Snapdragon flowers come in a variety of colors, and each color represents a different meaning. Let’s take a look at the various meanings of the snapdragon flower.

Pink Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Pink Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Pink flowers, like pink snapdragon flowers, are often associated with femininity. They make great Mother’s Day gifts. Remember that pink snapdragons come in a variety of tones ranging from soft pink to a more intense pink.

Purple Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Purple Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Although most purple flowers are associated with royalty, this does not always apply to snapdragon flowers. Purple Snapdragon flowers are associated with spirituality and grace.

Red Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Red Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Red Snapdragon flowers represent romance and passion.

Yellow Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Yellow Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Yellow snapdragon flowers, like other flowers, generally represent friendship, happiness, and energy.

Orange Snapdragon Flower Meaning

Orange Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Orange-toned Snapdragons represent positive energy.

White Snapdragon Flower Meaning

White Snapdragon Flower Meaning and Symbolism

White snapdragons represent grace and purity. They are suitable for wedding bouquets.

Cultural Significance of Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon flowers are important in many cultures and traditions all over the world. Their cultural significance dates back to ancient times when women would weave the snapdragon flower into their hair to send a clear message that they are not open to advances from other men. Let’s take a look at what snapdragon flowers mean in various cultures.

Medieval Europe

Snapdragons were extremely important in Medieval Europe. They were used to keep evil spirits at bay. They were practically everywhere. Furthermore, they were thought to be castle guardians and were typically grown near gates.

According to European folklore, stepping on a snapdragon flower has the power to break magical spells.

Ancient Greece

Snapdragon flowers were thought to protect against evil, while others thought they represented wealth.

Victorian England

Snapdragons represented honesty during the Victorian era when floriography was at its peak. They were also used as an apology gesture by lovers.


The snapdragon flower is regarded as a protective symbol in German culture. It is used to keep a baby safe by hanging it above the baby’s bed.

Significance of the Snapdragon Flower Tattoo.

What does a snapdragon tattoo mean if you’re thinking about getting one? The snapdragon flower has numerous symbolic meanings. This tattoo can represent grace, strength, or even deviance.

Wrapping Up

Snapdragon flowers come in a variety of sizes and make an excellent addition to gardens. The flower is thought to be endemic to North America and parts of Africa, but Roman colonists spread it across much of Europe. Snapdragons are well-known for their long stalks and eye-catching blooms.

Their symbolism has also evolved over time. In general, the snapdragon flower represents grace and deception.

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