Princess de Monaco Rose Info And Care

Princess de Monaco Rose Info And Care

This is a hybrid tea rose that is named after the actress and princess Grace Kelly. The Princess de Monaco is extremely fragrant and will produce an abundance of large blooms from spring until the middle of autumn.

The blooms make excellent cut flowers and will fill a room with their heady fragrance

The plant is hardy and easy to grow in most growing zones. It a perennial, deciduous shrub that grows equally well in a container or when planted in the ground.

If you only have space for one rose bush, plant the showy, fragrant Princess de Monaco as the one.

Princess de Monaco Rose

Planting Location

Select a location that is sunny and provides the rose bush with 6 or more hours of sunlight each day.

The bush will benefit from a location that provides a little wind protection so during times of rain storms and high winds the delicate petals won’t be blown off the bush.

Near a structure, porch foundation, or patio column are ideal for both the protection of the rose bush and to enable you to enjoy the beauty and fragrance.

Soil Requirements

Well-draining, slightly acidic soil is the ideal soil condition. Add spaghnum peat moss to soil (if needed) to raise the pH to 6.1 to 6.5 before planting.

To keep the soil slightly acidic, use a plant food that is formulated for roses and use pine straw as mulch.

When growing the Princess de Monaco in a container, make sure there are several drainage holes in the bottom of the container so the soil will drain well.

Place coffee filters in the bottom of the container to prevent the soil from leaching out, then add a 2-inch layer of pebbles to further ensure good soil drainage.

Use potting soil formulated for roses in the container, it will have a slightly higher acidic value than standard potting soil.

Bush and Bloom Size

The bush will reach 3-feet tall and 2-feet wide when mature but it can be double this size if grown in warm climates with mild winter weather.

The straight-growing stems are thorny so caution must be used when cutting blooms and pruning the bush. The leaves are oval and semi-glossy dark green.

The fragrant blooms are multi-petaled with a high center and ruffles around the edges. Each bloom will be 4-5 inches in diameter.

The color of these large blooms is white with pink-tinted edges and a gold-tinted center. The color is also described as apricot or blush with a golden center.

The first blooms will appear in late spring and the bush will continue to produce fragrant blooms until the first frost in autumn. Bees are attracted to the Princess de Monaco blooms.

Princess de Monaco Rose Care

Deadhead the spent rose blooms and prune as needed in early spring. Prune off any dead or diseased branches and any center branches that criss-cross so the bush will have good air circulation in the center.

Feed with a balanced rose food or your favorite type of organic plant food monthly during the growing season. Always feed immediately after pruning too.

Disease And Pests

The Princess de Monaco rose is disease-resistant and the only disease that affects the bush is Black Spot.

If you notice leaves that have developed black spots, hand-pick the leaves off the bush and seal in a plastic bag and discard. Inspect the ground around the bush for any fallen leaves infected with Black Spot and discard them also.

Aphids love roses and while the Princess de Monaco hybrid tea rose is hardy and fends off most pests, aphids may still be an issue.

Aphids congregate on the underside of new leaves and feed on the plant sap. They look like tiny grains of rice and can easily be blasted off with water from the garden hose.

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