No Till EZ Digger

Mac’s No Till EZ Digger Review

As a gardener, you want a tool that will make work easier, last longer as it loosens and aerates your soil. Well, the Mac’s No Till EZ Digger does exactly that and much more. Here are the least known facts about this broadfork.

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Broadfork EZdigger

The EZ Digger is a simple but powerful gardening tool whose purpose is to loosen the soil without turning it upside down. Soil has different layers that play useful roles: fungi, bacteria and earthworms that work below the soil surface create tunnels that give the soil its structure.

Features of the EZ Digger

Steel Made but Lightweight

We expect steel items to be heavy and thus difficult to use. But this is quite the opposite with this broadfork. Although it’s still made, it’s light and both men and women can use it since it’s only 17 pounds.

Those with little strength won’t have trouble tilling their gardens with this tool. The other benefit of the steel material is that it lasts for a lifetime. So, once you invest in it, you can use it for many years to come and save on future replacements.

Allows Nutrients and Microorganisms to Thrive in Your Garden

Other than the sum of nutrients in it, soil health also depends on the number and types of microorganisms in it. The nutrients, microorganisms, and natural soil enzymes are located on the garden soil’s top few inches, usually close to the plant’s roots.

These are the soil’s essential elements needed to produce an abundant crop without using chemical fertilizers. Commercial farmers are starting to see the benefits of adopting a no-till system, which helps to preserve the topsoil and reduce the dependence on fertilizer when planting crops. It’s a win-win situation.

It Preserves the Soil Structure (Allowing You to Plant Earlier)

While some gardeners prefer using a rototiller, you can’t rototill wet soil as it will destroy the soil structure by creating some small bricks that tender roots will find impenetrable. This can be a frustrating experience since the gardener relies on dry weather in the spring to till the soil and prepare for planting.

However, you can use the broadfork to work the soil earlier before it gets so dry. Consequently, you can plant earlier in the season and harvest before everyone else.

Cuts Your Weeding Time in Half

Weed seeds have a tendency to remain dormant in the soil for years and even decades. Of course, they won’t germinate in the absence of light and water.

A rototiller enhances their germination because it chops and mixes the soil, bringing them to the surface. This exposes them to light and water, causing them to sprout within a few days.

However, the broadfork doesn’t mix soil in your garden and thus, the weed seeds remain deep down in the dark where they can’t get an opportunity to germinate.

Easy to Assemble and Use

Broadfork EZdigger

Once this implement is shipped to you, it will take you a short time to assemble it; the parts fit together quickly and it can take you as short as 10 minutes to put them together and start working. It comes with adjustable tines thus making it easy for you to work in your garden’s rows.

The handlebars face away from each other, making it good for your shoulders. The sturdy tool works through densely packed soil with ease and you will enjoy harvesting your potatoes, beet, and carrots with this broadfork.

Enhances Better Root Growth

Broadfork tines are long enough (at least 11.5 inches), and when used, they create tunnels in the soil that allow plants’ roots to grow deep. This is an advantage because deeply rooted plants can reach water when it comes to dry spells. Besides, they can reach out to sources of soil nutrients located in certain deeper layers of the soil.

Hear the Birds Singing

When tilling your soil, it doesn’t help to use a noisy implement. Why not use a broadfork on that cool Saturday morning? It’s quiet and you’ll hear the birds sing and smell the roses as well. And your neighbors will appreciate the quiet environment as well.

Great Workout

If you are a weekend gardener who is always busy at work during weekdays, you’ve another chance to work out while using the Ez Digger. To press the tines in, you need to do some balancing on the crossbar and do a slight side-by-side dance. This may help build your core body. While this may not be a total workout, it’s an exercise to keep you fit especially if you take at least 30 minutes working with this tool.

Additionally, it’s been designed to keep your back straight, and this is a good stretch for your back plus less strenuous.

Cost Effective

Once you get the Mac’s No Till EZ Digger, you can forget about buying oil and gas plus other costly repairs. Besides, it comes with a 100 percent refund if you realize it’s not what it claims to be.

Using the Ez Digger

Using a broadfork doesn’t require hard work because, for the most part, your body’s weight is doing nearly all the work. Instead of lifting and stabbing the soil, you simply need to:

  • Hop on the tool’s crossbar
  • Push the tines down the ground
  • Doing a little side-to-side dance helps the tines to work further
  • Lean back while holding the handles as you allow your body weight to lift the soil.
  • Slide the broadfork back by about 6 inches
  • Hop on the crossbar and repeat the process

That’s fun, right?


The Mac’s No Till EZ Digger saves your back and money. It helps to keep your soil healthier and cuts the weeding and harvest time into half. It is easy to use and a worthwhile investment.

It’s worth adding to your gardening tools or at least gift a friend or relative with one. To get one and enjoy all of its benefits, head over here.

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