Methods To Grow Lotus Flower At Home

Lotus flowers are stunning and fascinating aquatic plants.

Grow Lotus from Tubers

They come in different colors and sizes. They are available in white, yellow, red, and pink colors.

 Pink lotus flower meaning devotion and purity is the most attractive one.

Lotus makes your home look beautiful and flamboyant. Lotus plants are grown from tubers or seeds.

 Seeds get developed into tubers first. The following are the ways of growing lotus flowers at home. 

Growing lotus flowers from seed

You can file the seed tip by a layer with the help of a metal file. If the seed is not filed, then it can rot and may not grow.

 Put these seeds in warm water. Don’t use chlorinated water.

Change the water on a daily basis and allow the seeds to sprout. After soaking, the seeds will absorb water and will gain weight.

Grow Lotus Flowers From Seeds

 The seeds that float on water are infertile. You can file these floating seeds. If they don’t swell, you can discard them.

Change the water

The seeds will sprout in 4-5 days of soaking.

 Change the water daily. Allow it to grow to six inches. After that, they can be transferred into the pot.

Most dwarf lotus varieties can grow to be 3 to 4 feet tall. They adapt well to smaller containers but thrive in larger ones, ideally about 24 inches wide.

You can choose a plastic bucket as they will keep the seedlings warm.

Don’t make drainage holes in the container. By making the drainage holes, the plant can grow downwards.

You must wrap a small amount of clay around the seeds. Don’t wrap sprouts.

Make arrangements to grow the seeds

Fill your container with soil. You must add a part of river sand into two parts of clay. Fill the pot up to six inches.

Place seeds in the soil. Sow them in the top layer of the soil. Also, put some soil on the seeds. Put the water in the 18 inches of shallow water.

Make Arrangements To Grow The Lotus Flower Seeds

 The temperature of the water must not exceed 21.1 degrees Celsius.

Grow Lotus From Tuber

Make the tuber float in a large container. You must fill the container with warm water. You can keep this container near the warm window.

The ideal maximum water temperature for lotus plants should not exceed 90°F (32°C). Temperatures higher than this can stress the plant, potentially affecting its growth and flowering.

Don’t keep tuber in direct sunlight. After the tuber gets sprouted, you may plant the lotus.

Make Arrangements To Grow The Lotus Flower Seeds

Select the container according to the size of the lotus. A small lotus fits into a small container of 2 gallons.

Large lotus can be accommodated into a 50-gallon container. Don’t make holes inside the container.

The lotus can grow out of holes.

Prepare the container for tuber

You must fill the container with soil. The dense soil must contain forty percent river sand and sixty percent clay.

There must be a space of 4-1 inches between the pot rim and the soil tip. Put this pot in the shallow tank or pond.

Place the tuber horizontally on the soil.

The back part must face the wall of the pot, and the growing point must face the center.

Now, keep the tuber inside the soil and wrap clay around the tuber. The water must be slightly higher than the growing tip.

Place the container in the pond

The leaves will develop on the growing tips. A small lotus plant requires 1-6 inches of water above the soil.

A large lotus requires 3 feet of water above the soil. You must put a rock on the tuber to prevent it from floating.

Maintain The Temperature

Maintain The Temperature

You must keep the temperature at around 21 degrees Celsius. The plant grows at this temperature.

Lotus flowers love the sun. You must provide sufficient sun to your plants. Remove the foliage so that they cannot block the Sun.

As the temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius), provide some shade. The shade is required to prevent the leaves from burning.

Remove yellow leaves and cut stems that are above the water.

Fertilize Plants

Use pond tablets to fertilize your lotus plant. You can use these tablets when at least six leaves are sprouted from the tuber.

 Don’t fertilize in July as the plant will not get prepared for dormancy.

Caterpillars and aphids are pests that can destroy lotus leaves. You can apply powdered pesticides to kill these pests.


Before the season of frost, you must reposition the container. ​

must place the container in the deepest area of your pond. You can also keep the container in the basement or garage.

Plant Lotus in Early Spring

Plant Lotus in Early Spring

Spring is the best time to place the tuber in the container. This season marks the beginning of new growth.

Always use soil that is a mixture of river sand and clay.

Create an organic garden at your home and grow lotus plants. Lotus brings peace, prosperity, and sereneness to your house.

 Follow these methods to grow this sacred flower in your home.

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