Lotus Flower Tattoo

What You Need To Know About Getting a Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower is one of the most popular tattoos around the world.

Lotus tattoos have deep roots in the Eastern culture but have found a place in Westernized regions not for their beauty, but for their symbolism.

Choosing A Lotus Flower Tattoo

Those who choose a lotus flower for a tattoo generally do it for a specific reason.

  • Religious or Cultural reasons; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism
  • The depiction of the lotus being opened, closed, or partially opened.
  • Symbolic meaning behind a specific color.

The area of the body where the tattoo will be placed is a personal choice and is dependent upon:

  • Wanting others to see it or keep it covered and private.
  • How much pain one can tolerate since certain areas of the body experience more or less pain than other areas?
  • How much sun exposure the tattoo will get?

Cultural Reason(s) For Getting Lotus Tattoo

For some, getting a lotus flower tattoo comes from cultural references that originate from around the world. 


Symbolism:  prosperity, beauty, fertility

Representation:  eternity, purity, divinity, life, fertility, youth

Hindus believe that each person possesses the spirit of the lotus. The analogy of the lotus flower’s rise from the dark mud to light, reveals how the consciousness evolves from emotional responses to the liberation of the spirit.

There are many deities (gods) in Hinduism that are depicted holding a lotus in their hands. The lotus is believed to be the seat of the deity as divine and pure. The Bhagavad Gita (a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is in Sanskrit translation) notes that the human is commanded to be more like the lotus flower doing work without expecting anything in return.

Humans are to dedicate their labor to God so that they may be like the lotus; standing above the water untouched (symbolic of being untouched by sin.)

Lotus Tattoo Image


The Symbolism of Color:


  • The closed lotus bud is representative of “time before enlightenment”
  • The fully bloomed lotus represents “time of enlightenment”
  • Partial lotus bloom represents “enlightenment is not reachable at the given time”
  • The fully bloomed lotus represents “time of enlightenment”
  • Partial lotus bloom represents “enlightenment is not reachable at the given time”

In Buddhism, the lotus is thought to achieve enlightenment as it rises from mud and then blooms above the water.

The human spirit is born into the darkness of the mud, and through one’s works, one rises through the waters to be a faithful follower.

The overall position that the lotus holds in Buddhism is representational in rebirth through reincarnation.

The Symbolism Of Lotus Tattoo Color

When choosing a lotus flower for a tattoo, some take it a step further and request a specific color because of the symbolic meaning of the color as it relates to their own life.

Pink Lotus

  • The supreme and true lotus of Buddha

Blue Lotus

  • The spirit triumphs over wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge.
  • Depicted as partially open with the center not visible

Purple Lotus

  • Mystical
  • Eight petals representational of the noble eightfold path that leads to self-awakening

White Lotus

  • Awakening
  • Mental Purity
  • Spiritual Perfection
  • Lotus represents the womb of the world

Red Lotus

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Symbolic of the heart

Preparing For Your Tattoo



  • Don’t get sunburned. Getting a tattoo on skin that is sunburned is extremely painful and causes extensive damage to your skin. Bleeding will be a problem causing the tattoo artist difficulty with the ink becoming diluted from the blood.
  • Make sure the area to be tattooed is free from any cuts, scratches, or scars.
  • Moisturize the area to be tattooed 1-2 weeks before being tattooed.
  • Drink lots of water 1 week before the tattoo to hydrate your skin.
  • On the day of your tattoo, wash the area thoroughly with soap as well as shower the entire body. This helps reduce the bacteria that is present on the skin further reducing the chances of infection.
  • Don’t shave the area to be tattooed the day of.


Do not drink during or 24 hours before your tattoo. Not only is it illegal for the tattoo artist to tattoo with alcohol in your system, but your blood will be thin from the alcohol causing bleeding an extreme danger during tattooing.


Before arriving at your tattoo appointment, eat something that is carb-based to keep your blood sugar elevated. Taking a snack with you might help as well. For some, the intensity of the tattoo needles piercing the skin causes blood sugar levels to drop which then causes light-headedness and even fainting. On the day of, do not drink too much caffeine as it can keep you from relaxing during the tattoo. 

  • Research the lotus flower, symbolisms, colors, etc. before deciding on a lotus flower tattoo
  • Decide if you want a color or black tattoo
  • Find a tattoo artist based on great (not just good) reviews and one that knows lotus flowers
  • Make a consultation appointment to talk to the artist and have them do a rendering of what they envision. Make sure you are 100% happy with the rendering. You can always work with the artist to tweak it or make it more personalized
  • Be prepared financially, physically, and mentally before getting your tattoo
  • Take good care of your tattoo afterward
  • Shower the day of.
  • Moisturize 1-2 weeks before tattoo
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go to any tattoo studio just because it’s convenient or you think it might be good
  • Get a tattoo without the artist doing a rendering first that meets your approval
  • Get a large tattoo if you can’t tolerate pain
  • Get a tattoo unless you are sure you want it because it’s going to be a permanent display on your body
  • Go to a “walk-in” tattoo studio that does tattoos on the spot. Tattoos are not like fast food, but rather artwork that needs to be finely designed and done
  • Drink during or 24 hours before tattoo
  • Get sunburned
  • Drink too much caffeine the day of

Final Thoughts…

A Lotus Tattoo can be an amazing piece to get, especially if there is an emotional meaning behind the reason you will be getting the tattoo.

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