Lotus Flower Care and Info

Would you like to know how to grow lotus plants in your own garden?

The Lotus flower is incredibly beautiful and native to Asia and Australia. In fact, it is India’s national flower! The great thing about the lotus flower is that it’s easy to grow at home and doesn’t require as much care as you’d think. 

Lotus belongs to the Nelumbonaceae family and is one of the most popular aquatic flowering plants. 

This blog post will act as your guide to lotus flower care and info as we’ll go over everything you need to know about growing the lotus flower in your own home. 

Read on to know more! 

A Quick Lesson About the Lotus Flower 

Lotus Flower Care and Info

The Lotus flower finds its origins in the Indian subcontinent and is known as Nelumbo nucifera to the scientific community. The dwarf variants of the plant are   8-12 inches while the regular variants grow up to be as big as 6 feet! 

The flowers can be pink, white, purple, blue, and red. The plant requires moderate sunlight and thrives in temperatures between 70-90F. 

How Can I Plant the Lotus Flower at Home! 

As we mentioned earlier in this blog post, the Lotus plant isn’t too complicated to grow. The flowers come in various colors and sizes and you can grow them easily from tubers and seeds. 

But, keep in mind that the plant won’t flower during its first year. 

  1. Choose the right pot for the plant

Choosing the right pot for the lotus plant is critical. You need a pot that’s at least six inches in depth and width. Some people prefer using a bucket to plant it. 

The pot shouldn’t have drainage holes since the lotus is an aquatic plant that needs plenty of water. 

  1. The right soil makes all the difference 

You can use a combination of two parts clay and one part sand for the soil and then add a layer of potting mixed soil to plant the seedlings and cover them with some more soil. 

  1. All about watering the plant  

Lotus plants do well in shallow water, so the water levels of the pot shouldn’t fall below 20cms at any given time. The plant grows very well at 70F and will begin to flower when the temperature rises to 80F. 

Lotus plants need at least 6 hours of sun to thrive. 

  1. Using Fertilizers 

You’ll need to use aquatic plant fertilizers for the Lotus flower and it’s best to consult an expert on it to figure out what’s best.

To Sum It Up: Your Guide to Lotus Flower Care and Info

Did we go over everything you needed to know to grow and care for a Lotus plant?

The lotus plant is easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, since it is native to a subtropical region, it does need 70-80F to thrive and grow properly.  

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