Jolly Jester Marigold Info and Care

Jolly Jester Marigold

Are you a seasonal gardener looking for a new flower to add to your garden? Or are you a new gardener looking for that perfect plant that won’t take all your time? If so, then you must have considered planting a Jolly Jester Marigold. 

Just like the name points, these beautiful marigolds look like something out of a circus or a painting. With their bright yellow and red petals, they are the perfect addition to any garden.

Tagetes Patula, or jolly jester marigolds, are a favorite variety of flowers that keep blooming all summer long. They are considered to be one of the most popular marigolds because of their colors that can easily make any space lively.

Jolly Jester Marigold Info and Care

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How To Care For Jolly Jesters?

These marigolds are easy to take care of, which is why they are not only a gardener’s favorite but also a top choice picked by newbies. By following a few simple steps, you can achieve a healthy and gorgeous plant without facing any problems at all.


The care for jolly jester marigolds begins from the very first day, as soon as you plant them. You need to remain vigilant and attentive to your plant and the environment you provide it with because even though they can strive in even the hardest conditions, it is still best to provide them with the necessities to keep them healthy.

The season that is optimal for planting your jolly jester marigolds is springtime, as when the summer season comes, sunlight will be very important for the marigolds. 

Keep the seed at a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and also ensure that you are sowing the seeds 9-12 inches away from each other. When you sow the seed, you can do that indoors and after around 2 months, you can move it outdoors, by placing it just beneath the surface of the soil.

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The soil should be well balanced and can be slightly dry, as these marigolds prefer more dry and warm environmental conditions. It should be slightly acidic, having a pH between 6.1 to 6.5.


Jolly jester marigolds prefer warmer conditions, once moved outdoors, but during the first two to three weeks, they prefer to be indoors, and it’s not the best to place them under direct sunlight. Even when they are moved outdoors, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight as that can risk your flowers. 

The delicate flowers that contribute to the beauty of this plant could burn due to excessive direct sunlight. A solution for this is to provide the flowers some shade by putting a light cloth like a net over them.


When it comes to water, you don’t need to worry too much about jolly jester marigolds. They don’t need to be watered often and can thrive on a very low level of water. What you do need to ensure is that you are not over-watering the plant as that could lead to root rot in the flowers.


Any fertilizer that is high in nitrogen content and gives the marigolds the necessary content it needs to grow would be perfect. It is best to use the fertilizer that compliments your soil and all the other plants you are growing.

Seeds Marigolds Tagetes Madjestic Flower Balcony Annual Outdoor Garden Cut Flowers for Planting Non GMO
  • Package includes about 100 seeds
  • Instructions in English are included
  • Season of Interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 1-11
  • Species: Tagetes patula nana; Germanation: 90-95%

Advantages Of Planting Jolly Jester Marigolds

Jolly jester is a gardener’s favorite for not just one but multiple reasons. They tolerate even the poorest of conditions and atmosphere, which gives them a high standing in front of a gardener’s eyes, as they won’t take too much of your time. You’ll have a beautiful-looking plant while you can focus on the harder ones to maintain.

Additionally, jolly jester marigolds are a great way to protect the rest of your plants. They are a great pest protector, so many gardeners opt to plant them around the fences. They provide you with a way to keep your vegetable and fruit gardens safe.

They are also a favorite of all tea lovers. The petals from the flowers of this marigold are used to brew delicious tea that is consumed by thousands all over the world. 


Jolly jester marigolds truly are the plant that all new and beginner gardeners are going to reach for. They provide you with a protection system for the rest of your garden, while also adding that necessary spark of color that’ll make your garden the sprightliest of them all (pun intended)! Additionally, their petals can be used to make teas!

Not only are they very easy to maintain and care for, but they are also very cheap, considering that you can get around 300mg of seeds per packet. A beautiful garden on a budget? Yes, please! Just by following these few instructions, you can grow these astonishingly beautiful flowers in your garden as well!

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