Incorporating the Lotus Flower In Your Garden & Landscape

There is nothing more exotic and beautiful than having the lotus flower grace the grounds around your home.

Lotus Flower In Your Garden

It’s very interesting to watch the lotus slowly sink below the water at sunset and rise again above the water at sunrise.

Aquatic gardening and landscaping that include flowers, greenery, and perhaps fish promote a peaceful environment.

This environment is exactly what one needs to escape after the daily grind.

Lotus Specifics:

Hardiness Zone

American (Asiatic) Water Lotus

Zones 4-11

Sacred or Indian Lotus

Zones 8-12

For more detailed hardiness zone information, check to see what your specific variety is and compare it to the hardiness zone chart.

Heat Zone

American (Asiatic) Water Lotus

Zones 12-1

Sacred or Indian Lotus

Zones 12-3

For more detailed heat zone information, check to see what your specific variety is and compare it to the heat zone chart.


  • June/July – Sept./Oct.
  • Begins flowering in the second summer

Plant Details

  • Grows 3-6 feet above water
  • Grows Rapidly
  • Full Sun with Light Shade
  • Fully Aquatic
  • pH: 4.6
  • Roots are fragile
  • Water Temperature: 73-80 degrees

Koi Ponds with Lotus Flowers

Container Ideas for a Koi Pond

  • Preformed container (dropped into dug-out hole, and landscaped)
  • Old bathtub (dropped into dug-out hole, lined, and landscaped)
  • Tractor tire (lined and landscaped)
  • Cattle water trough (dropped into dug-out hole, and landscaped)
  • Upcycled metal boat (sits above ground, and landscaped)
  • Upcycled wine barrel (sits above ground on patio)
  • Large planter (no holes in the bottom, sit above ground on the patio)

Koi Fish

The most important thing in keeping healthy koi is maintaining good water quality and having good water filtration in your pond.

Koi Fish Lotus Flower

Koi require more oxygen than other fish such as goldfish, and it can be difficult to maintain the delicate balance of water quality for both fish and plants.

Overcrowding (having too many koi) can result in dead fish. The fish-to-water ratio for koi is 1” of fish for every 10 gallons of water.

Ideally, koi do best in larger ponds and do not do well in small containers.

If you do wish to have a small patio-size container using goldfish may be a better option.

Regardless of how many koi you place in your pond, be sure to protect it from predators.

Adding Plants

Adding aquatic plants, including the lotus flower, to your koi pond benefits the koi by providing shade as well as oxygenating the water.

Plants are also great for keeping algae in check.

Koi fish love to eat the roots of plants, so be sure to place a plant shelf in between the plants and water to prevent the destruction of the plants.

The beauty of lotus flowers brings life to the surface of the water as the lotus reaches up to 8 feet above the water and can be as wide as 12 inches.​

Because lotus’ are such a large plant, they do best in larger ponds. You can purchase dwarf lotus’ for small patio water gardens.

When planting lotus’ in ponds, place them in a sturdy container (free of holes). Submerge the plant (including container) 18” deep into the water.

For existing ponds, planting lotus flowers may be a bit of a challenge if the pond is large and deep.

As the lotus flower continues to add a quiet beauty to our world, we stop to ponder its unassuming presence and the stillness and peace it adds to any garden or landscape.

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