How To Grow Garlic in Your Garden

How To Grow Garlic in Your Garden

Garlic is a pungent, nutrient-dense superfood that’s used in a variety of dishes. In most locations, it’s preferable to plant it in the fall.
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Garlic is surprisingly simple to grow if you time it correctly. The “stinking rose” functions as an insect repellant in the garden and has been used as a home medicine for ages, in addition to having a robust flavor and many culinary purposes.

When And Where To Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic in Your Garden

Garlic should be grown in a warm, sunny location with good, well-drained soil that does not become too damp in the winter. Late autumn or early winter is the best time to sow garlic (although some cultivars can be planted in early spring). It can be sown straight in the ground or started in small containers if you have heavy soil. It’s also possible to grow it in a considerable container.

Garlic cloves require a period of cold weather to mature into bulbs, so it’s ideal for sowing them in late autumn or early winter.

Make sure your soil is free of weeds and summer crop remnants. Dig in some homemade compost or well-rotted manure before planting, then rake it in well.
Push cloves in or make holes 5-6 inches apart with a dibber, leaving 11-inches between rows.

Birds love the bulbs and will rip them out of the ground, so cover new plants with bird netting or horticultural fleece until the shoots are 2 inches tall.

In colder climates, cloches may be required to protect plants throughout the winter. This additional protection will promote root growth, ensuring that plants are ready to grow in the spring.

If your soil has thick clay, start garlic by planting single cloves in module trays in the fall and growing them on in a cold frame. This keeps the bulbs from decaying in moist soil over the winter.

When the dirt has dried up a little, you may plant these out in the spring. Garlic can also be grown in mounds 6-inches tall and 8-inches wide at the base. Plant the garlic cloves 6 to 8 inches apart and 2.5 to 4 inches deep in these mounds. The garlic is less likely to decay because the soil is slightly raised and does not get as damp.

Caring For Garlic

Garlic is a low-maintenance vegetable. Water regularly in the spring and early summer but cut back once the foliage turns yellow, indicating that the bulbs have reached maturity—weed between the plants to prevent water and fertilizer competition. Because hoeing could harm the developing bulbs, it’s best to do it by hand.

Remove any blooms or scapes produced by the plants; these can be used in stir-fries.

Harvesting Garlic

When the garlic leaves turn yellow in the summer, it’s time to harvest it. With a fork or shovel, gently lift out bulbs, careful not to damage them. Allow the garlic to dry for a few days by placing it on a table or tray in direct sunlight.

Storing Garlic

You may either store the bulbs lose or plait their foliage to produce a typical string of bulbs after they are dried and feel papery to the touch—place in a cool, dry location. Avoid bruising the bulbs, as any injury may cause them to deteriorate in storage.

Remember that soft neck garlic varieties store better and last longer than challenging neck garlic variations, so consume the stiff neck varieties first.

How long does garlic take to grow?

If you are new to gardening, you may be surprised to learn that a clove of garlic planted in early fall will not be ready for harvest until late spring or early summer. That’s because garlic takes about 8-10 months to grow. It takes about the same amount of time to grow a human baby as it does to grow a head of garlic.

Can you grow garlic from a clove?

Yes, you can grow garlic from a clove. Just break the bulb apart and plant each clove in moist soil. Say goodbye to a bland, flavorless meal and say hello to a mouth-watering, flavorful meal. One single bulb can produce a massive harvest of garlic.

What is the best month to plant garlic?

Garlic can be planted in the fall and early spring. October is a popular time to plant garlic, but if you live in the southern part of the country, you could start as late as December. The best time for planting garlic in the North is between September and October. If you live in a warmer climate, then anytime after November should be fine

Can I plant garlic from the grocery store in my garden?

Yes, you can plant garlic bulbs bought from the store. A store-bought garlic bulb is not only great for cooking. It can also be used to produce a fresh new crop of garlic. You can grow garlic from the grocery store in a number of ways, but the most common is to purchase a mature garlic bulb and plant it in your own garden.

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