How to Create Humidity for Plants

Creating a Humid Environment For Plants

What dry air does for human skin, it also does for plants, especially plants grown indoors. The dry air draws the moisture out of the plants and causes them to dehydrate.

A dehydrated plant develops dry, cracked stems and leaves, which leads to leaf drop, plant wilt, and an overall weakened plant that’s unable to fight off any type of disease or pest which may attack it.

How to Create Humidity for Plants

Creating humidity for plants is one way to keep them healthy and is probably easier to do than you think. Use these tips for increasing the humidity of your plants’ environment so they can stay well hydrated and thriving year around.

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Create a Grouping

potted pants together

Simply placing potted plants (indoors or outdoors) in a group will increase the humidity in the air surrounding them. All plants naturally give off humidity and by keeping them together they can help each other by creating more humidity in the air around them.

Water Tray

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Create water trays to set plants in to increase the level of humidity. Select any shallow container that can hold water to use as a tray. Place a layer of pea gravel or aquarium gravel in the bottom of the tray, then set plant(s) on top of the gravel.

Add water to the bottom of the tray and this will instantly increase the humidity level in the air around the plant(s). Replenish water often.

Shower Time

Every time you shower, take a plant or two with you. Set the plant(s) in the bathroom so they can enjoy the humidity created by the shower.

A couple of times a year it’s a good idea to set container-grown plants inside of the shower and let tepid water shower down on them to wash off dust, pollutants and provide them with deep watering.


Run a home humidifier in the room where houseplants are located for a couple hours each day to increase the humidity level. This will benefit you as well as your houseplants by adding moisture to the air you breathe.


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Young tender plants benefit from being covered with a cloche for protection and increased humidity. The covered plant creates its own moist environment in which to grow.

Anything can be used as a cloche, such as the top half of a plastic soda bottle or milk jug. Mist plant and cover with cloche at night. Remove cloches during mid-day to allow heat to escape.

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