Hollyhocks Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Hollyhocks are indigenous to China and southern Europe. These lovely old-fashioned flowers are members of the Malvaceae family’s genus Alcea. Alcea rosea is another name for them.

Hollyhocks are biennial plants that can grow to be 3 to 8 feet tall depending on the variety. Hollyhocks, like all plants and flowers, have a long history and symbolic meaning.

What does the Hollyhock flower Mean and Symbolize?

The hollyhock flower has several meanings. It represents beauty, friendship, and admiration.

Let’s start with the origins of the name hollyhock. The name hollyhock is said to have originated in the Holy Land. This is because Christian crusaders used the hollyhock salve to treat injuries to their horses’ hocks or hind legs.

The name hollyhock is thought to be a combination of the words holy (for the Holy Land) and hock (for the horse’s hind legs).

Another source attributes the meaning to the words Holi, which means holy, and hoc, which means mallow.

What does the Hollyhock flower Mean and Symbolize

This flower is commonly associated with fertility, abundance, and ambition. They are traditionally planted near front doors as a sign of prosperity in the home.

What does the Hollyhock flower Mean and symbolize in Different Cultures

The Hollyhock flower is rich in symbolism and meaning. It was buried with mummies by the ancient Egyptians. It is a revered flower in Japan. It was used to decorate by the Victorians. The flower is making a huge comeback today.

This is what the flower represents and means in various civilizations.


In Japanese culture, hollyhock plants are revered. These lovely flowers are associated with prayers for abundance in Japan.

Because the Japanese regard hollyhocks as sacred flowers, they have been carefully cultivated and cared for in this part of the world. Hollyhocks are used to decorate shrines, particularly the Kamigano shrine, because of this belief.

Hollyhock Festival (Aoi Matsuri)

Every year on May 15, the Japanese celebrate the Aoi Matsuri or Hollyhock Festival.

Aoi is an abbreviation for hollyhock. This festival dates back to the sixth century when the country was besieged by heavy rains and flooding.

During the festival, a procession of people dressed in Heian-era costumes wears hollyhock leaves as a symbol of protection.

Hollyhock Festival Meaning and Symbolism

The hollyhock foliage is offered to the gods as a token of gratitude and admiration for ending the floods.

The Japanese believe that the hollyhock flower can prevent storms and earthquakes because of this festival.


In Iran, the roots of the hollyhock have been used in traditional medicine to treat inflammation, constipation, and bronchitis.


The hollyhock was discovered to have medicinal properties by the ancient Romans, which is why the flower is called Alcea, which simply means cure.


In the 1800s, hollyhock sup was spun with sugar and sold as candies in England.


Mummies were buried with hollyhock flowers by the ancient Egyptians. They believed that hollyhocks would aid mummies in the afterlife.

Victorian England

During Queen Victoria’s reign, when flowers were important in people’s lives, hollyhock plants were grown to decorate outhouses.

They created stunning home entrances. They also believed that their presence in the outhouses would prevent young women from inquiring about the location of the house.

Hollyhock in Egypt Meaning and Symbolism

Significance of the hollyhock Flower in the Mystical world

Hollyhocks were important in a mystical world, where the seeds were known as fairy cheese due to their resemblance to a wheel of cheese. Hollyhocks were also grown as skirts for flower fairies.

Significance of the hollyhock Flower in Pagan Beliefs

The hollyhock flower is frequently associated with success, ambition, and ruthlessness in religious circles. Furthermore, the hollyhock flower has long been linked to paganism and witchcraft.

They are associated with Lamma in Paganism because it produces an abundance of flowers. Because of their symbolism of rebirth and growth, hollyhocks are sometimes used in Pagan rituals to ask for abundance.

Color Meaning of the Hollyhock Flower

The meaning and symbolism of the hollyhock flower change depending on its color. Each color of the hollyhock flower represents something different.

Red Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Red Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Red hollyhock flowers, like all red flowers and red roses, have a strong association with love. They represent passion and romance.

Purple Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Purple hollyhock flowers represent grace and charm. Purple is a regal color that is frequently associated with wealth and power.

White Hollyhock Flower Meaning

White Hollyhock Flower Meaning

White hollyhock flowers represent purity, innocence, fertility, and truth.

Pink Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Hollyhocks in pink represent love, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. Pink hollyhocks can also represent traditional femininity.

Yellow Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Yellow Hollyhock Flower Meaning

Yellow hollyhock flowers symbolize respect, trust, and friendship.

Significance of the hollyhock Flower in Herbal remedies

Hollyhock flowers have a long and rich medicinal history. Although there is insufficient evidence to back up its medicinal properties, hollyhocks have long been used to treat a variety of ailments.

Significance of the hollyhock Flower in Herbal remedies
  • Hollyhocks have traditionally been used to treat sore throats and fevers.
  • They were also used to treat digestive issues like abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gastritis.
  • These plants were also thought to help with nasal congestion and respiratory issues.
  • Used to treat burns.
  • Hollyhocks were also thought to help with blood circulation.
  • The petals were used to make hollyhock tea, which was used to treat sore throats and digestive problems. The tree was also used to treat appetite loss.
  • The entire hollyhock flower is edible. The flowers are used in the kitchen. Salads can benefit from the buds. Flowers are also used to color jams and jellies.

Significance of the Hollyhocks tattoo

Different meanings are associated with the hollyhock flower tattoo. Wearing it may represent strength and bravery. Because of the flower’s healing properties, it can also mean healing and regeneration.

Final thoughts

The lovely hollyhock flower carries a lot of meaning and symbolism. From Ancient Egypt to the present, the flower has represented the circle of life, fertility, ambition, and abundance. Traditionally, these flowers are used to decorate house entrances.

They bloom from summer to fall and are biennial plants.

Today, hollyhock flowers are making a big comeback as gardeners try to add a traditional touch to their flower beds.

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