Flowering Shrubs for Shady Areas

ShrubFlowersDescriptionHeightSpecial Conditions
AmelanchierWhite flowers in mid to late springA large shrub, berries in autumn, pruning not necessary but cut back in winter to restrain growth.20ft+Grow in semi-shade or full sun, in neutral to acid soil.
BerberisYellow flowers in late spring to summerMany varieties, ornamental foliage and berries in autumn. Pruning not necessary.Depends on variety from 2ft to 10ft.No special conditions or soil required. Grow in partial shade or sun.
CamelliaColours vary according to variety. Flowers March to May.Evergreen glossy leaves. Can prune to shape.Depends on variety – they range from small shrub to large tree.Acid soil essential. Grow in a position protected from frost and wind. It likes light shade but can be grown in sun.
ClethraSpikes of fragrant white flowers in late summer to autumnDeciduous or evergreen depending on variety. Pruning not necessary.8ft – 25ft depending on variety.Acid soil essential. Moist soil in light shade required.
FatsiaClusters of white flowers in autumnLarge architectural plant that looks tender but is frost hardy.6ft+Prefers partial shade, any good garden soil. Protect from strong winds.
HypericumYellow flowers from spring to autumn depending on variety.Rose of Sharon is most common variety and is low growing.1ft – 6ft+ depending on variety.Flourishes in shade, any garden soil.
Lonicera nitidaFragrant white flowers in late spring.A variety of honeysuckle, an evergreen climber, dense bushy growth.20ftThis variety does well in shade.
MahoniaYellow flowers, some varieties late autumn to winter, others winter or spring.The large varieties are architectural plants, others are low growing for ground cover.1 – 12ft depending on variety.Prefers full or partial shade, well drained soil.
RhododendrumMany different colours, flowers in spring.Large evergreen showy shrub.2ft – 30ftAcid soil essential. Prefers partial shade. Fully hardy.
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