Five Easy Ideas For People Gardening On A Budget

Are you attempting to build a garden using a restricted budget? 

Here are some simple ideas to make the outdoor area look fantastic without spending too much money.

1. Shaping Up

One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to transform an outdoor garden into a sublime area is by cutting the lawn into a clearly defined shape, such as a circle or a square.

This can be done by first marking the shape out with a string and then using a space to cut away any excess grass.

While it may seem a difficult task, it is a rather simple one and should take a few hours at most.

2. Planting Up

Another highly cost-effective method to create an attractive garden is by filling the flowerbeds with attractive plants.

It is recommended that you opt for perennials that can be divided and clumped into different areas.

This may sound like an advanced gardening option, but it is not and can be completed by the amateur gardener.

To complete this task all you need to do is tip the plant out of its pot and pull it apart into approximately two or three parts leaving some stalks and roots.

Dig a hole and plant each of the plants into the flowerbed.

Next year, once the perennials have grown, you will be able to dig them up and pull them apart again to create more plants.

This can result in a fantastic display over a few years at very little cost.

For example, six geranium plants can result in the creation of an average-sized garden.

3. Looking Up

Considering their longevity and size, trees are a relatively inexpensive alternative and will make all the difference to improve the look of a garden.

Smaller trees, such as June berry trees or crab apple trees, can be highly beneficial in making a garden aesthetically pleasing.

The smaller trees can be purchased for approximately $40 each.

4. Smartening Up

When considering the different patios and paths in a garden, gravel can be a far more affordable surface when compared to paving.

To put gravel in place, it is necessary to mark the area and then scrape away any loose grass or soil.

Pin down the permeable membrane to stop any weeds coming through the gravel and then spread the gravel across the area.

The ideal depth for a gravel path is 1 inch. When choosing gravel it is important to contrast the lawn with the planting. 

5. Lighting Up

Outdoor fairy lights can be an ideal method to bring a pretty glow to a patio and beyond.

This item can be purchased all year at a cheap price and can be arranged on trees or shrub branches.

They can be run from a plug inside the property, so you do not need an electrician to set the lights up.

If you want to really make big changes to the garden space, then Money Expert could be of help funding that.

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