Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area with a Glass Extension

Why You Should Consider It

The glass extension is a modest, classy, and respectful way to bring an old building into the 21st century.

A fantastic way to combine the architectural styles of the past with those of the present.

It can also be an effective way to spice up an otherwise cheap looking building.

Even the ugliest building can become sleek with the addition of a glass extension.

To put it bluntly, glass extensions are eye candy.

They’ll impress your guests, make your neighbors jealous, and most likely increase the value of your house when you go on to sell it.

But all of that aside, sitting in a glass extension, on a summer day, with a cup of tea, is simply perfect!

Types of extension

If you’re thinking about purchasing a glass extension, it’s wise to pause for a moment and ask yourself what type of extension would be best for you.

This is entirely dependent on personal taste.

The first issue to consider is the shape, some extensions are a rectangular shape whereas others are more circular.

Roof shape is another prospect to consider. Some people like flat roofs whilst others like their roofs to be at an angle.

If you do choose a roof at an angle, do you want it to be a ramp of a pyramid/prism?


As with any architectural project, budget is something that everybody has to consider.

Of course, the exact price of exact projects will vary greatly depending on what you want, how quickly you want it, and the company you use to install it.

An ideal budget would probably be around $4,000 per meter squared.

This should enable you to build a glass extension with high quality materials, made by honest and reliable workmen, and with up to standard insulation.

If you’re able to have a higher budget, even better! Create the perfect SunSpaces for your home.


Although their all the rage these days, it’s actually very interesting how glass extensions began.

In the Victorian times, they were used by the rich to cultivate fruit.

But their take off wasn’t until the 1930’s when double glazing became more popular.

Since then, they’ve become more stylish as there is now no need for large wooden frames.

They’ve become more popular as more people are able to afford them, they’re not just a show off toy for the rich, and they’ve become more modern as many glass extensions now have electronic devices such as TVs and kettles.


I would like to finish this article by sharing with you a personal story about how a glass extension changed my life.

When I first brought my house, it was a typical post war home that was clearly built with functionality over fashion.

I decided that a glass extension would be a good way to make that house my own.

I saved up for two years before I was able to afford it. But when could, I opted for a rectangular shape with a ramp roof.

Once it was finished, I invited all the neighbors round for drinks to celebrate.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed sitting in my glass extension and either reading a book, watching the birds, or scrolling though my laptop. 

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