Double Delight Rose Info and Care

Double Delight Rose Info and Care

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The double delight rose is an instantly recognizable type of rose which is a hybrid. It is a combination of creamy color and texture along with a beautiful strawberry shade of red which enhances its beauty. 

It is commonly planted to make an addition to the beauty of a garden and also because of its unique and strong fragrance. It grows in the form of a medium-sized shrub that has repeated flower growth in cycles.

Double delight rose is a famous rose variety that has high-centered flowers. It starts to bloom in early spring and the flowers continue to bloom till the fall season. It is an excellent choice for borders, beds, mass plantations, or flowering hedges.


Double delight roses were created by crossing roses Granada and Garden Party, which are two different types of hybrid tea roses. Such a crossover results in beautiful white-yellow flowers that have a pretty red color on the lining of their petals.

The average double delight flower blooms range up to 5 inches in diameter. They have a strong and spicy scent. Each flower has almost 30 petals and this type of rose is best grown in warmer climates. 


The aspects that are described below need to be taken care of for proper plant growth:

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The plantation and growth of a double delight rose is not difficult at all. It is planted similarly to other roses. The most important thing that has to be noted while planting is the position where it is to be planted. 

Almost all types of roses need full bright sun for their proper growth, no matter which variety it is. Try to grow your rose plant in a place where there is enough sunlight for growth. Almost six to eight hours of sunlight is required by the plant daily.

Well Drained Soil

You need to plant your double delight roses in soil that is well-draining in nature. This is a very important step for plants that are susceptible to mildew or blackspot. This is a fairly easy step, as well-drained soil is commonly available in your local gardening shops.


Planting a double delight rose is fairly an easy job. It can be done by almost everyone as its plantation does not need any skills or specific tools. Basic hand tools are all you need to plant them.

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If you bought the plant locally, there is a high chance that it is an already established plant. Planting an already grown plant is the easiest possible option. All you need to do is carefully transfer the plant to your garden. Start by digging a hole that is double the size of your container to make enough space for your potting mix. 

If you ordered your plant online rather than buying it physically from the store, it might be shipped in the form of a bare-rooted plant. If this is the case, then you need to soak the plant in a bucket of room-temperature water overnight. 

Now, dig a hole as long as the longest root to place the plant. Keep the bud about an inch below the ground surface. Make sure that there are no air pockets around the plant roots in the soil. 

Depending on the climate, apply a thin layer of mulch onto the plant surface to prevent the drying of the potting mix. 

Caring And Pruning

As a new gardener, if you are taking care of your rose plant for the first time, then you might need to know some ways to care for the plant, but if you have already planted rose plants in your life, you know exactly what to do.

Make sure your plant is getting enough moisture, but take care if excessive moisture is present, as it can be harmful. One deep watering session per week is enough for your rose plant to maintain its moisture level. But if your climate is hot, adjust the watering sessions accordingly. 

In the early spring, you can add some all-purpose fertilizer to your plant to help them bloom. You can fertilize your plant again after the first blooming session. 

The ideal time to prune your rose plants is before the start of the spring season but not after the formation of buds. Remove all the dead and decolored plant parts and also overlapping lateral canes. Cut about one-third of the plant’s height to promote growth in the plant.


Double delight roses are a beautiful addition to your garden which can be easily cared for. With just proper plantation and maintained watering sessions, you can get bright and dual-colored hybrid flowers. 

If you have any queries regarding the planting and growing of your double delight roses, get in touch, and we assure to get back to you at our earliest!

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