Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Dahlias belong to the Asteraceae family, which contains sunflowers and asters as well as other flowering plants. A wide variety of dahlia flowers can be found in different shapes and colors.

Dahlia flowers are native to South America and Mexico, where they were first discovered by conquistadors in 1615. They were rediscovered in 1787. After its discovery by botanist Anders Dahl, the flower was named in his honor.

The perfect symmetry of Dahlia petals during the Victorian era made it one of Queen Victoria’s favorite flowers at the height of floriography. In this blog post, we explore the meaning and symbolism of the dahlia flower.

What are Dahlia Flowers?

Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

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Dahlia is a tuberous perennial with simple, toothed, or cut leaves. The dahlia flower comes in different colors such as white, yellow, red, or purple and black. Dahlia species growing in the wild have disk and ray flowers in their flowering heads, but ornamentals like the common garden dahlia have only ray flowers. 

Dahlia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Throughout history, dahlia flowers have held a variety of significance and meaning. There are different symbolisms associated with different colors of dahlia flowers.

As a symbol of diversity, their varied colors and symmetrical petal shapes symbolize elegance, dignity, and inner strength. In addition to being symbolic of kindness, it also represents grace. Similarly, the flowers can symbolize commitment to someone or a course.

Color Meanings of the Dahlia Flower

Dahlia flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, pink, white, purple, and blue. Some dahlia varieties have colored stripes or tips that are a different shade than the flower. This is what the various colors of the dahlia flower represent.

Red Dahlia Flower Meaning

Red dahlia flowers represent power and strength. These flowers are an excellent gift for someone in recovery or about to embark on a new chapter in their lives. Furthermore, red dahlias can represent the ability to overcome obstacles. They can also represent love and commitment.

Black Dahlia Flower Meaning

Negative connotations of dahlia flowers include betrayal, instability, and dishonesty. This is especially true of black dahlia flowers. Keep in mind that they are not black, but rather a deeper burgundy.

White Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia flowers in white, like other white flowers, represent humility, purity, innocence, and focus. They make excellent birthday presents. They can also be used to decorate baptism and new birth celebrations. They are also suitable for wedding bouquets.

Yellow Dahlia Flower Meaning

Dahlia flowers in yellow represent happiness. They can also represent contentment and fun.

Pink Dahlia Flower Meaning

Pink dahlia flowers are associated with thanksgiving and grace. They are also feminine flowers that make lovely Mother’s Day gifts.

Purple Dahlia Flower Meaning

Purple dahlia flowers, like other purple flowers, represent royalty and dignity. They are appropriate to give to someone you admire.

Blue Dahlia Flower Meaning

Blue tones are new to the dahlia flower. Blue dahlia flowers represent taking chances in order to start over. Simply giving someone a blue dahlia means seizing opportunities and moments.

Cultural Significance of Dahlia Flower

Since its discovery, the dahlia has held significant cultural and historical symbolic importance. It has had a significant impact on various cultures throughout the years. Even now, dahlia flowers are very important in our daily lives.

Victorian Era

Dahlia flowers were considered a romantic symbol by the Victorians. It was used to represent unbreakable bonds in wedding bouquets. It was also one of Queen Victoria’s favorite flowers.

During this time period, the dahlia flower was widely cultivated in the United Kingdom and the Former colonies, and it was Queen Victoria’s favorite flower due to its flawless petal symmetry.


The dahlia is considered the national flower of Mexico. It is known as the Queen of the Autumn Garden because it blooms for a much longer period of time than other flowers (the flower blooms naturally in the autumn). Furthermore, the dahlia was one of the Aztecs’ staple foods. Before the Spanish took control, the Aztecs cultivated dahlias as roots due to their edible tubers. During conquests, its tubers saved French peasant villagers.


In the United States, the dahlia flower is the official flower of San Francisco and Seattle.

Modern Day

Dahlia flowers continue to captivate people today as they did in the past. They are used t represent desire and the formation of new habits. It is considered a November flower in the West and an August flower in the East.

What Is the Meaning Behind a Dahlia Flower Tattoo?

A dahlia flower tattoo represents transformation. It can also imply grace and dignity. A dahlia tattoo can also represent steadfast commitment over time.

Dahlia Flower Uses

The dahlia flower has various uses. Here are some uses of this lovely flower.


It is one of the most popular foods in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is also used as a food garnish, particularly in cakes and pastries.


Dried and cooked dahlia flowers are also used to extract colors. It is widely used because it is available in a variety of colors.


Dahlia was used to treat diabetes long before the discovery of insulin. Its tubers contain a substance known as Atlantic starch, which the Aztecs used to treat diabetes.

Wrapping Up

The meaning of the dahlia flower is very dynamic. It differs from typical flower meaning associations because it deviates from traditional symbolism. The meaning and symbolism of this flower have both negative and positive connotations. The dahlia flower is considered Mexico’s national flower and is used for a variety of purposes.

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