Crocus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Crocus flowers are members of the Iridaceae family. They are low-growing plants with lovely purple, white pink, and red flowers. The crocus flower dates back to 1500 BC and is native to South Europe and West Asia.

Because of its long history, it appears frequently in ancient Indian, Greek, Roman, and legends and folklore.

These lovely flowers are rich in meaning and symbolism, which varies according to civilization and flower color. Let’s look at the crocus flower’s meaning and symbolism.

Crocus Flower Symbolism

Crocus is derived from the Greek word krokos. The plant has bladed leaves and grows to be about a foot tall. Although the meaning and symbolism of the crocus flower vary, it generally represents devotion, happiness, youth, and rebirth.

Crocus Flower Symbolism

The fact that the crocus blooms early in spring lends itself to symbolism. Let’s find out what the different crocus colors mean.

White Crocus Flower Meaning

White flowers are associated with purity, and white crocus flowers are no exception. They also represent honesty and truth. White crocus flowers are occasionally used in wedding bouquets.

Other cultures, on the other hand, associate the white crocus flower with death. They are typically given to send condolence messages to bereaved families.

Orange Crocus Flower Meaning

Orange Crocus Flower Meaning

Orange crocus flowers represent danger. They send a message to someone to warn them not to abuse anyone or anything.

Yellow Crocus Flower Meaning

Crocus flowers in yellow tones mean cheerfulness, love, and happiness.

Purple Crocus Flower Meaning

The most popular color is the lovely purple crocus flower. Purple crocus represents dignity, success, pride, and hope. A purple crocci with darker undertones represents wisdom.

Pink Crocus Flower Meaning

Pink Crocus Flower Meaning

The pink crocus represents innocence and youth. Pink is a feminine color that is not as intense as red, but it is ideal for conveying admiration.

Cultural Significance of the Crocus Flower

Because of their uses and scarcity, crocus flowers have a greater cultural significance. Their long history adds to their cultural significance. They are of flowers that have deep roots in mythology and folklore. Here’s what the crocus meant in various cultures.


The stigma from crocus flowers was used to dye robes for religious ceremonies in ancient Egypt.

Crocus flowers were also used as a wreath for wine chalices by the ancient Egyptians. Egyptians have a fondness for crocuses, as evidenced by historical artifacts.


Rome Cultural Significance of the Crocus Flower

Because of their lovely scent, the Romans used crocus flowers to decorate halls and residences. The crocus was used by the ancient Romans to add fragrance to their baths. It was also used as a symbol of love at the time.

Victorian England

The crocus flower served a variety of purposes during Queen Victoria’s reign. It was intended to calm down emotional outbursts. It was used to mean ‘do not abuse’ by the Victorians.

Furthermore, it was thought that crocus seeds could cure rheumatic pain, whereas in Ireland, it was thought that rinsing your bed linens with a crocus infusion could strengthen your arms and legs.


The crocus flower was used by ancient Indians to decorate newlyweds’ beds. It was thought to bring harmony to marriages.

They also dyed with the flower. To decorate royal garments, they created a golden dye from crocus stigmas.

Furthermore, crocus stigma ink was used as a gold substitute during the Middle Ages.


Turkey Cultural Significance of the Crocus Flower

Crocus bulbs are used in food recipes in Turkey, particularly during the Hidirellez festival on May 6. Crocus bulbs, wheat, and rice are used in a traditional dish.


The crocus flower is significant in Korean culture. It represents the joy of youth. The crocus flower is the flower of January 31 in Korea.

Significance of the Crocus Flower in Love Spells

Crocus is thought to be important in love spells and amulets.

  • Crocus flowers that have been dried and packaged are used as love charms.
  • The crocus flower is commonly associated with the dawn Goddess (Eos or Aurora). This is due to the flower’s distinct features. It opens in the morning and closes at night.
  • Crocus saffron is thought to have the ability to connect with the energy of the moon.
  • It is said that putting dry crocus flowers under your pillow will cure your nightmares.
  • Sprinkling ground crocus flowers around the house is said to bring peace.

Other Meanings and Symbolism of the Crocus flower

Other Meanings and Symbolism of the Crocus flower
  • Because the majority of crocus flowers bloom around Valentine’s Day. As a result, the flowers are associated with romantic love.
  •  Crocus is also thought to cure the soul. Healers thought the saffron crocus brought joy in the Middle Ages. Though they believe it is a spring flower, they also believe that eating the flower cures depression.
  • Crocus flowers are associated with death and bad luck. The flower’s negative connotations stem from an ancient Indian legend that described the crocus as a robe of death.
  • There is a superstition in Austria that picking up crocus brings bad luck. In Austria, never pick a crocus flower!
  • A crocus flower growing on someone’s grave was considered a good thing in the Far East.

Economic Significance of the Crocus Flower

Spices and Dye

The Saffron crocus contains 3 stigmas that are used to produce dye. The stigmas usually produce orange to gold dye.

The precious saffron spice is used as a food colorant. It also enhances the fragrance of cosmetics.

Herbalism and Medicine

Only one type of crocus, the saffron crocus is used to produce saffron spice. Keep in mind that not all crocus flowers produce saffron.

Saffron contains anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial to the immune system.

Crocus Flower Herbalism and Medicine

Traditional Chinese healers believed that the saffron spice could relieve stress and provide a calming effect.

Early Source of Nectar for Bees

Crocus blooms early, making them a nectar source for bees. Some varieties bloom late in the season, after all other flowers have finished blooming, providing nectar for bees.

Final Thoughts

The crocus flower has a long history, which gives it profound meaning and symbolism. The crocus is a plant that has appeared in myths and folklore from various civilizations.

Crocus flowers generally represent rebirth and youth because they are the first to bloom in the spring.

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