Know Your Roses – Types Of Roses

types of roses

There are five main classes of roses. Which ones are suitable for your garden? Hybrid Tea Roses The hybrid tea rose, perhaps the most popular choice, comes as either a standard or a bush. The flower is the classic rose with a pronounced core of of petals in the center. There are a wide range … Read more

Knock-Out Roses – How to Grow

Knock Out Rose

The Knock-Out rose (Rosaceae Family Rosa Genus) is referred to as the one must-grow rose bush. This variety of the popular flower can be seen growing everywhere from the home garden to sidewalk containers in many downtown landscapes. The bush is easy-care, easy to grow, highly adaptable, fast growing and profusely blooming. The Knock-Out rose … Read more

Fast Growing Roses Info and Care

knock out roses

Some Fast Growing Roses Roses have been a favorite garden flower for centuries. Pretty to look at, fragrant to smell and easy to grow. Some roses make you wait for their beauty to unfold, growing only a few inches each year and taking up to seven years to produce a bloom. Some things in life … Read more

How to Grow Altissimo Roses

Altissimo Rose

This fragrant heirloom rose has been around since the mid 1960‘s and is a favorite in many home gardens because of its easy care and long blooming season. The Altissimo rose is a disease-resistant climber that produces large, single-petal, fragrant red blooms all summer long if cared for properly. Use these guidelines for planting and … Read more

Cabbage Roses. What You Need to Know

cabbage roses in bloom

Cabbage Roses Via The Cabbage Rose, or Rosa Centifolia, is a commonly selected alternative to the typical wedding rose Floribunda, the “Iceberg Rose” as it is often termed. Also known as the Provence Rose and Rose de Mai, the Cabbage Rose holds Dutch origins being first grown in the seventeenth century. These shrubby, round roses … Read more

April Moon Rose Growing Guide

April Moon Roses

The April Moon Rose is an heirloom rose that produces large, fragrant blooms all summer long. The buds of this heirloom rose start out as red, then the blooms slowly unfurl to reveal a lemon yellow rose that can be as large as 5 inches in diameter. As the April Moon Rose produces its last … Read more