Alaska Nasturtium Info and Care

Alaska Nasturtium Info and Care

Originally from South America, Nasturtium is said to have been brought to Spain by Nicholas Monardes in the 17th century. Nasturtiums dominated European gardens immediately after their introduction. Nasturtium blooms come in various colors, including yellow, orange, red, and maroon. It’s worth noting that nasturtiums were once considered vegetables rather than flowers. Growing Conditions for …

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Dahlia Pacific Ocean Care and Info

Dahlia Pacific Ocean Variety

Magnific dahlias are herbaceous perennials of the same-named genus (lat. Dahlia variabilis) from the Asteraceae family. They arrived in Europe and North America two centuries ago from the sunny regions of Mexico, where wild dahlias still grow as native plants. The genus of unsurpassed autumn queens contains 42 species and several thousand hybrids, and one …

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