Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens Info and care

All Impatiens (Impatiens wallerana) are over-achievers, blooming from early spring until the first frost in fall ends their life cycle. However, the double variety is a double over-achiever, producing double-petaled blooms throughout its annual lifespan. Planting and growing these colorful annual flowers is easy with these tips. Planting Location ​Double Impatiens are hardy in most …

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knock out roses

Fast Growing Roses Info and Care

Quick Navigation Some Fast Growing RosesRamblin’ Red RoseNew Dawn RoseGolden Showers RosesKnock-Out RosesAmerican Beauty RoseCecile BrunnerDublin BayFourth of July  Some Fast Growing RosesRoses have been a favorite garden flower for centuries. Pretty to look at, fragrant to smell and easy to grow. Some roses make you wait for their beauty to unfold, growing only a few inches …

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altissimo rose

How to Grow Altissimo Roses

This fragrant heirloom rose has been around since the mid-1960s and is a favorite in many home gardens because of its easy care and long blooming season. The Altissimo rose is a disease-resistant climber that produces large, single-petal, fragrant red blooms all summer long if cared for properly. Use these guidelines for planting and growing …

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April Moon Roses

April Moon Rose Growing Guide

Quick Navigation April Moon Rose Characteristics How to Plant April Moon RoseApril Moon Rose After CareLandscape UsesCut FlowersAttracts PollinatorsSince 1984 The April Moon Rose is an heirloom rose that produces large, fragrant blooms all summer long.The buds of this heirloom rose start out as red, then the blooms slowly unfurl to reveal a lemon yellow rose …

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