Flowers that Attract Bees

Flowers that Attract Bees

Trying to entice bees into your landscape may seem foolish to some people. After all, those bees have stingers and can inflict pain on any human that gets too close to them. But bees are actually more beneficial than harmful and without them flower, vegetable, nut and fruit production would be severely curtailed. These small … Read more

Know Your Roses – Types Of Roses

types of roses

There are five main classes of roses. Which ones are suitable for your garden? Hybrid Tea Roses The hybrid tea rose, perhaps the most popular choice, comes as either a standard or a bush. The flower is the classic rose with a pronounced core of of petals in the center. There are a wide range … Read more

Types of Sunflowers to Grow

different types of sunflowers

Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.) dot the landscape across the country in summertime. Towering above most other flowers and garden plants, the large seed-filled head of the popular sunflower is easily visible to humans and birds. However, that tall familiar plant is not the only type of this flower species available. Sunflowers varieties range is height from … Read more

Which Climbing Plant?

pink bougainvillea

Plants such as clematis and wisteria give height and vertical interest to the garden. If you are considering growing climbers, take a look at the table below to see a selection of the best. Plant: Actinidia Kolomikta Description: Deciduous twining perennial grown for its colored foliage featuring pink, white and green leaves although this can … Read more

Sunpatiens: A Complete Guide

“Touch Me Nots” Everything you need to know about growing and caring for Sunpatiens! Sunpatiens are exquisite boxy-like flowers that come in vibrant shades of pinks, reds, purples, and whites. These lovely flowers grace the landscapes of many and fill gardens and outdoor living areas with their charming presence.  Did you know that Sunpatiens are … Read more

Blue Hydrangea

blue hydrangea

The Hydrangea Blues Hydrangeas are a flower that everybody is familiar with. Sold as potted plants or as landscape shrubbery, they are often sold in full bloom with beautiful white, pink or blue flowers. The most prized and popular is by far the blue hydrangea. They are versatile plants and are as at home in … Read more

How to Create Humidity for Plants

humidity for plants

Creating a Humid Environment For Plants What dry air does for human skin, it also does for plants, especially plants grown indoors. The dry air draws the moisture out of the plants and causes them to dehydrate. A dehydrated plant develops dry, cracked stems and leaves, which leads to leaf drop, plant wilt and an … Read more

Stargazer Lilies How to Plant and Grow

stargazer lilies

Stargazer lilies (Lilium ‘Stargazer’) are one of the most well-known and popular types of lilies. Appropriately named for its five-point bloom that’s in the shape of a star and its flame-like petal coloration that mimics a shooting star. I must admit it. It is one of my all time favorites. Quick Glance Of The Stargazer … Read more