Growing Chervil


Chervil is an herb that most of us aren’t very familiar with. For the unknowing eye, it looks like parsley. However, looks are deceiving because this shy little herb is a strapping medicinal powerhouse! Curious to find out more about this delicate looking plant? What is chervil? Family:  Apiaceae (carrot family) Genus:  Anthriscus Species:  cerefolium  … Read more

Basil: Sweetness Wrapped Up In A Plant!

What Is Basil

Your guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting basil. If candy came in the form of a plant, basil would undoubtedly be the one! Most everyone is familiar with the lovely aroma and cozy taste of basil-infused dishes. This aromatic herb not only graces hundreds of foods, but it has a significant role in the … Read more

Dandelion: The Herbal Multihealer

dandelion benefits

Did you know that the delicate-looking dandelion’s name is derived from the French words ‘Dent de lion’ meaning the ‘Lion’s Tooth’? If you think that was an amazing fact, these floral herbs called Dandelions have many more facts to amaze you! Read on. Dandelions are perennial plants native to Europe that thrive on nitrogen-rich soils … Read more

Licorice: The Tonic That Can Grow in Your Garden

licorice plant

Could you possibly imagine a medicine that is sweet? If not, you are clearly in for some surprise. Licorice, the plant that finds its origins in Southern Asia and spread through the middle east and Europe, has been charming the new world with its sweet medicinal properties since the 17th century. The best part? You … Read more

Turmeric: The Golden Healing Magic

turmeric plant uses

A herb that not only possesses multiple medicinal and beautifying properties but also acts as a pivotal ingredient in the kitchen; sounds like magic? A mystic spice with its origin in India, Turmeric has only recently started gaining prominence as the healer and preventer of most ailments. Found in almost every kitchen in India, Haldi, … Read more

Lemongrass: A Plant with Superpowers!

is lemongrass a perennial

Your guide to planting, caring for, and harvesting lemongrass. We have a plant that is going to “wow” your socks off! If you live in the southern regions of the U.S., especially Texas or New Mexico, you have most likely seen this plant. But did you know that behind the plant is a powerhouse of … Read more

Helpful Tips for Herb Gardening

types of herbs and their usage

What is the best way to grow herbs in a garden?  Herb gardening for beginners can be a fun venture if done right. It helps to have a few strategies “under your belt” before starting a garden. One of the most common questions that come up is, “How do I make my herb garden successful?” … Read more

Drying Herbs and Flowers

Drying Herbs and Flowers

The beauty of our garden does not have to end when the season is over. Preserving your own flowers and herbs will bring the outdoors in! Flowers that are dried will be lovely in your home and serve as a reminder of the enjoyment you received when tending to garden and seeing it in full … Read more