Gonicc GPPS-1011 Pruning Shears

Why Do We Like This Product? The Gonnic GPPS-1011 pruning shears have a lifetime warranty which gives gardeners peace of mind knowing that it’s replaceable. The ergonomic handle and anti-slip design make it easy to maneuver. Photos​ Product Features 8” Ratcheting Ergonomic Reinforced Handle made of Vanadium Steel Anti-slip Handle Design Lifetime Warranty Reinforced High Carbon … Read more

Tools Used For Gardening

soil requirements for roses

15 Tools Used For Gardening That Will Enhance Your Favorite Hobby! Gardening can be a pleasant, therapeutic hobby. It can also be beneficial to grow your own food or create beautiful landscapes with flowers and plants. Gardening is wonderful and soothing; there is no denying it. There is also no denying that it can be … Read more

Best Pruning Shears for your Gardening Projects

Practical & Straightforward Information on Finding the BEST Pruning Shears When trying to achieve the desired shaping in shrubs or trimming overgrowth, it’s important to have the right tools that will perform.  Are you guilty of grabbing hedge trimmers or a pair of scissors to get the job done? There is nothing more detrimental to … Read more

Broadfork vs. Tiller

Broadfork vs. Tiller: Which Is Best? There are many tools that gardeners can use, although some haven’t heard of the broadfork yet. This effective tool has the ability to give you healthier soil, increase yields, and reduce your gardening work. Broadforks are used to manually aerate garden beds as opposed to using a motorized rototiller. … Read more