The ‘Phoenix’ Tomato Plant

phoenix tomato

A Hot-Set Tomato Hybrid for Hot Climates We have a heat-hardy tomato plant that withstands summer’s harsh temperatures! Those of us that live in the south are familiar with the woes of trying to grow tomatoes. When summer temperatures climb, our tomato plants begin to waiver. When exposed to long bouts of heat, tomatoes inherently … Read more

How to Plant and Grow Solar Fire Tomatoes?

solar fire tomato

Information on Solar Fire Tomatoes Solar Fire tomatoes have nothing to do with tomatoes that are spicy. They have been developed by botanical researchers at the University of Florida in the USA. The name “Solar fire” has been deduced due to its exceptional ability to grow in the hot summer months. Individuals and farmers themselves … Read more

Sowing And Planting Tomatoes

Sowing And Planting Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes has many advantages: You can eat them within minutes of picking them so they are as fresh as possible. You can grow them without using chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Even if you do resort to chemicals, you know what you have used and you can ensure you don’t use them when the fruit … Read more

Tomato Blight

tomato blight

Tomato blight is one of several diseases caused by fungal infections in tomatoes. The main types are early and late blight. The fungus that cause blight move quickly once they set in and can quickly devastate an entire crop. Most blights are controllable but the best way to prevent crop loss from blights is to … Read more

Growing Tomatoes From Seed


How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed Starting your own tomato starts from seed is a great way to get lots of healthy seedlings that will be the size you want them when you want them. There are three important components to starting tomatoes from seeds. Although a lot of these steps are similar to starting … Read more