Best Pot for Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia or bird of paradise, with its unique flowers and banana-like leaves, brings a touch of exoticism and extravaganza to any interior.

However, when you decide to share your living space with this tropical beauty, keep in mind that it is a shrub that grows up to 5 feet in height in nature. 

Therefore, it is necessary to provide it with enough space and an adequate container in which the plant will feel comfortable and undisturbed. 

When choosing a pot, pay attention to the following:

Best Pot for Bird of Paradise

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1. Pot size

When you bring Strelitzia from a nursery into your home, leave it for at least 15 days in the original container to allow the plant to adapt to the conditions in your apartment. 

After the adaptation period, check if part of the root has come out into drainage holes. It is a sign that your plant needs a bigger, more spacious new home!

The new container should be only one or two inches wider than the previous one. In an oversized container, the plant will direct energy so that the aboveground part will stagnate.

Generally, Strelitzia grows best in a 10-inch pot in the first few years, while the plant height is 3 to 4 feet. Later, replace it with a pot 14 inches in diameter when such a pot is wholly filled with roots.

2. Pot Stability

Regardless of the size of the pots, it must ensure the stability of the plant because there is a large disproportion between the high leafy part and the relatively small root. Vessels of equal width and depth are more suitable than narrow and high ones.

Bird of Paradise Indoor Pots

3. Pot material

The material of the vessel is not so important as long as the pot has mandatory drainage openings. You can choose plastic or ceramic, glazed or unglazed.

 However, as a natural material, even glazed, ceramics absorb moisture, so you need to water the plants in such a pot more often.

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Pots for Bird of Paradise
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