Begonia Flower Meanings

Begonia flowers, a beautiful perennial native to South America and East Asia, have a rich history. This bloom was found in 1700 by Charles Plumier, a French botanist, and named after Michel Begon, a Caribbean politician at the time.

Begonia belongs to the family Begoniaceae, which is a genus of perennial flowering plants with around 1300 species. The flower comes in a range of colors, with some blooming in the summer and others in the winter.  

There are five main species of begonia plant, which come in a variety of forms, including tuberous begonias, rex, angel wings, wax, and winter-flowering variations.

What Does the Begonia Flower Mean?

Begonia Flower Meanings

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This flower has a lot of meaning and symbolism. Furthermore, when it comes to color, begonias have their own significance. Begonias are flowers that represent individuality, peace, gratitude, or caution. The begonia flower arrangement can be offered as an anniversary gift or as a congratulatory gift.

Significance of the Begonia Flower in Literature

While begonia flower symbolism is frequently positive and uplifting when given as a gift, this is not always the case. Begonia flowers are frequently associated with darker themes in literature.

Many cultures see begonias as symbols of warning or caution; hence they often reflect gloomy sentiments in stories. A mention of begonias in literature could signal impending danger.

It might also be a hint that a character is thinking terrible thoughts. It’s interesting to note that most people now consider begonias to be a sign of happiness and cheerfulness.

As a result, if you plan to offer begonias as a gift to a loved one, you don’t need to be concerned about their darker side because the darker meaning has long been forgotten.

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Significance of the Begonia Flower in Different Cultures

Begonias are grown in many different places of the world, and as a result, they have many diverse cultural meanings. This flower has long been thought to be a symbol of impending doom.


Begonias have long been associated with vigilance in various cultures. Begonias are still popular as hospital presents since they can be given as a way to encourage someone to take care of themselves and stay healthy.


Begonias have a distinct appearance and are available in a wide variety of colors and varieties, thus they are a symbol of individuality. Having begonias in your home is a fantastic way to show off and enjoy your originality.


Begonias are excellent flowers to thank someone with because they symbolize thanks and admiration for a kind deed.


Begonias are commonly used as a peace symbol. They are employed as a means of resolving a quarrel or arguments in numerous cultures. You can gift someone a begonia whenever you wish to apologize or forgive them.


They are symbols of diplomacy, courtesy, and harmonious interpersonal or corporate relationships.

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Color Meanings of the Begonia Flower

The color of the begonia bloom, like that of other flowers, has some importance in our daily lives. Let’s have a look at what each color means.

White Begonia Flower Meaning

White Begonia Flower Meaning

Like other white flowers, weddings and religious rituals commonly feature white begonias. White begonias are flowers that represent innocence and purity. Because their message is appropriate for any occasion, they can brighten up any present or decorative bouquet.

Yellow Begonia Flower Meaning

Yellow Begonia Flower Meaning

Yellow begonias, like many other yellow flowers, are connected with happiness, joy, and fortune. Because of their size and vibrancy, these blossoms will easily light up a room.

Yellow begonias can also be offered as a symbol of hope, friendship, or kindness to someone important. They’re also a lovely addition to a flower garden or an inside bouquet.

Pink Begonia Flower Meaning

Pink Begonia Flower Meaning

Although a pink begonia can symbolize love and companionship, pink flowers are less intense than red flowers and hence lack the same passion and love connotation.

Pink flowers are often associated with femininity. These flowers are popular around Valentine’s Day, but they can make a stunning addition to any bouquet.

Red Begonia Flower Meaning

Red Begonia Flower Meaning

Like other red flowers, a red begonia symbolizes love, passion, and romance. A red begonia is an excellent gift for someone in a loving relationship. It shows undying love, desire, and commitment.

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Growing Conditions of Begonia Flower

Begonias are used in landscaping by professional gardeners because of their resilience and beautiful colors.

When compared to other common flowers, begonias are rather simple to grow and maintain. They thrive indoors and can be cultivated from scraps or bulbs.
Place begonias near a light source or a window if you’re growing them inside.

It’s vital to keep the soil moist, but water only once or twice a week. Your begonias will need to be pruned and managed as they bloom to stay healthy.

Cultural Significance of the Begonia Flower

The begonia flower, like other flowers, has a wide range of cultural importance in various civilizations across the world. Here are some of the cultural meanings of the flower.

North Korea

In North Korean culture, begonia is extremely important. They wore begonias as a symbol, particularly the Kimjongilia variety.


The begonia flower is regarded as a lucky charm. In China, they’re also employed for culinary and medicinal uses.


The begonia is a flower that is associated with grief in various parts of the continent. It could also indicate that someone has passed away.


The majority of begonia species are located in the country’s eastern and central areas. They are mostly employed in the culinary, decorative, and medicinal fields.


In the Philippines, it is often utilized for aesthetic reasons.

Meaning of the Begonia Tattoo

What is the meaning of a begonia tattoo? Begonia tattoos can symbolize love, beauty, and fertility. They’re also a symbol of bravery and dedication to going to great lengths for someone you care about. It’s frequently observed in women who want to make a change in their lives.

Wrapping Up

The begonia is a beautiful perennial flowering plant with a unique history and many different meanings. They’re a great addition to any garden and may be cultivated in pots. They’re also great for a wide selection of beautiful floral arrangements. Individuality, harmony, thanks, and prudence have long been connected with begonias. Moreover, different colored begonias have diverse meanings.

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