ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Bypass Pruner

ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner

Why Do We Like This Product?

The ARS VS8Z Signature Heavy-Duty Bypass Pruners are the real deal in durability and ease of use. 

The reputation behind ARS products provides gardeners the very best in a tool that will perform above and beyond their expectations. 

These shears are buttery in movement, making them easy to use.

When deadheading or pruning, you can be confident that your cut will be clean to protect the integrity of the plant.


ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner

Product Features

  • High-carbon tempered steel bypass blades ensure durability and consistent, smooth cutting action
  • Latch locking mechanism for single-hand use
  • Comfort non-slip ergonomic handles
  • Heavy-duty spring mechanism makes pruning easier with less effort
  • Replaceable parts available through the manufacturer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses: deadheading and light pruning green branching

Ease of use:

Hand size – medium to large

Hand Strength – Easy to use for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Questions and Answers

Question: What size branches will these shears cut?

Answer: What size branches will these shears cut?You can comfortably cut up to 1” of green branching.

Question: Can left-handers comfortably use these shears?

Answer: These shears are designed and angled to fit right-handed users. However, if you are left-handed, you can use them but may find it slightly uncomfortable with prolonged use.


  • Outstanding reviews and ratings
  • Reputable manufacturer who backs their product with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use for those with hand conditions.
  • Overall materials and durability are top-notch
ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
  • Squeeze handles to open
  • Superior, long-lasting sharpness from ARS
  • Hard chrome plated for optimum protection against rust and sap build up
  • Ergonomic handles and offset blades for maximum comfort
  • Replaceable blades

Summing It All Up

The ARS VS8Z Signature Heavy-Duty Bypass Pruners hits it out of the ballpark in ratings, reviews, durability, and ease of use.

Although these shears are a bit on the pricey side, be assured you are getting the best in a pair of pruning shears.

The pluses heavily outweigh any minuses making these shears a leader.

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