ARS long reach pruners ARS LA-180ZR203

ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner

Why Do We Like This Product?

The ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruners are great at pruning hard-to-reach areas. ARS products are top-of-the-line tools that gardeners stand behind.  

The 180ZR pruner packs a punch in a lightweight tool.

The angle adjustability is a big plus along with the telescopic pole which has 3-settings for reaching 4-7 feet.


ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner
ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner

Product Features

  • Drop forged scissor blades that are chrome plated to resist rust and sap
  • Telescoping handle which adjusts with a 3-stop single lever operation
  • Swing neck allows for a -/+ 30-degree angle for easier pruning those hard-to-reach branches
  • Prunes dead/brittle branching up to 1 ½” thick
  • Uses: light-moderate pruning hard-to-reach areas
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Interchangeable heads with ZR series (through ARS) with 3 blade options;

    • 180 (razor edge) head - pruning

    • 160 (cut/hold) head - deadheading

    • 190 (super trimmer) head - shearing/shaping

Ease of use:

  • Hand size - fits all sizes

  • Hand Strength - Fairly easy to use for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Ease of use:

Hand size - medium to large

Hand Strength - Easy to use for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.

Questions and Answers

Question: What size branches will these pruners cut?

Answer: You can comfortably cut up to 1 1/2” of branching.

Question: Are these pruners hard to use for those with smaller or weaker hands?

Answer: This pruner is lightweight, making it easier to use than average pole pruners. Someone with carpal tunnel or arthritis can comfortably use these; however, prolonged use might be challenging.


  • Very good reviews and ratings
  • Reputable manufacturer who backs their product with a lifetime warranty
  • Adjusting telescopic pole and head angling
  • Lightweight with a powerful bite in pruning
ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner
  • Drop forged blades
  • Telescoping handle
  • Adjustable head
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Single lever operation

Summing It All Up

The ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruner is a mighty tool that has a sharp and swift cut for thicker branching.

The fact that the head is interchangeable with other blade options makes this several tools-in-one!

This pruner is definitely on the pricey side, but the investment gives you a product that will perform and hold up.

Worth every dollar!

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