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Are you new to gardening and not sure where you to begin? You do not need to worry. Many people think that starting a garden – vegetable, flower, or otherwise – is difficult.

It does require hard work, like any other fruitful ordeal, but it is not as complicate as one might think. You only need to follow a few simple guidelines to make your garden a success, which you can easily find on our website.

When You Garden will help you with basic gardening information, be it flower or vegetables, along with photos of flowers and people's gardens as well as do it yourself ideas.

However, if you have some experience in gardening, and are looking to expand your knowledge on the subject, we also have resources that might be of great use to you.

From general gardening tips to the specific help related to the genre you are looking for, we have it all. 

Our website will help you with your gardening venture by helping your knowledge about plants and vegetables grow.

While many people love to take care of their plants, not as much emphasis given to them at home as it should be.

People just think that gardening is all about planting seeds and watering them.

However, gardening require much more intensive care and dedication than that, if you want your gardening venture to be successful.

Whether you are going for a vegetable garden or flower, you need to learn what you are doing, if you want to excel at it.

Whether you are a beginner, hesitant or learning to start, or an intermediate gardener, looking for tips and advice on specific topic, When You Garden is always there to cater to your gardening needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the passionate gardening lovers about how to do it right.

We strive hard to provide you with accurate information about making your garden bloom with fresh vegetables and flowers.

We yearn to help as many people as we can with their gardening needs to promote healthier lifestyle and eating habits, because nothing beats eating fresh, right out of your own garden.

So put on your gardening clothes and get to work, because the harder you work on your garden, the sweeter will your rewards be.

Love Cathy

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