5 Reasons for Growing Ruby Spider Daylily

5 Reasons for Growing Ruby Spider Daylily

It is not easy to fight for popularity among as many as 80,000 daylilies varieties! Yet one that has succeeded is the magnificent Ruby Spider daylily, which many gardeners will say is a must-have plant.

Therefore let us have a closer look and find out why the plant has managed to win the hearts of so many gardeners!

1. Perfect Perennial

Ruby Spider Daylily

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The plant with good reason belongs to the group of so-called perfect perennials!

It is incredibly adaptable and grows in a comprehensive climate zone from USA zone 11. It tolerates dry periods and will not resent you if you occasionally forget to water it!

The award-winner plant likes a lot of sunlight but does not mind being in a partial shade spot! 

It is not picky about soil selection and grows in any well-drained garden soil, including chalky, loamy, or sandy!

In addition, pests rarely attack the plants, and their flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

2. Amazing Flowers

Its flowers look spectacular indeed!

First, they are larger than most other varieties, with a diameter of as much as 9 inches.

Second, the unique combination of their ruby ​​red petals and golden-yellow throat on the star-shaped flower makes a striking contrast that immediately attracts attention.

Finally, although each bloom lasts only one day, the plant yields many flowers providing a continuous and long-lasting flower performance.

3. Prolonged Flowering Period

Ruby Spider Daylily Care

Once it blooms, usually in early summer, Ruby spider daylily will continue to give new flowers until early autumn. This variety is designed to bloom longer than others, and you can further extend the season by removing overblown stems regularly, which stimulates plants to give new ones!

4. Versatile Use

This plant fits into almost any garden design and any garden size. You can plant it as a stand-alone plant in a small garden because it is not invasive and will not get out of control.

Ruby spider daylily looks excellent as a ground cover on large areas creating irresistible flower islands in spacy gardens all summer long.

As a border plant, it gives a touch of elegance and sophistication with its green rosette up to 2 feet high and guarded flowers on thin stems that seem to float in the air from a distance.

It is an excellent accompaniment to dahlias or other tall perennials that bloom on mixed beds in the second half of summer.

In addition, due to its manageable size, you can even grow it in a larger pot and place it on a sunny staircase or porch!

One thing is for sure; wherever it is growing, the ruby ​​red spider will not go unnoticed!

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5. Easy Propagation

 Once you get this plant, you will want at least a few more specimens!

 But this is not a problem. You can divide the root sod in the spring since it branches and can give offsets after each season. 

If you do not want to risk by dividing, you can collect the seeds and start the plants sowing them in the spring or fall. 

The last option is to leave everything to Mother Nature, hoping that the seeds that fell to the ground in the spring will germinate and grow into new young plants.

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