Growing Chervil

Chervil is an herb that most of us aren’t very familiar with. For the unknowing eye, it looks like parsley. However, looks are deceiving because …
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dandelion benefits

Dandelion: The Herbal Multihealer

Did you know that the delicate-looking dandelion’s name is derived from the French words ‘Dent de lion’ meaning the ‘Lion’s Tooth’? If you think that was …
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Drying Herbs and Flowers

Drying Herbs and Flowers

The beauty of our garden does not have to end when the season is over. Preserving your own flowers and herbs will bring the outdoors …
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phoenix tomato

The ‘Phoenix’ Tomato Plant

A Hot-Set Tomato Hybrid for Hot Climates We have a heat-hardy tomato plant that withstands summer’s harsh temperatures! Those of us that live in the south are …
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what is tomato blight

Tomato Blight

Tomato blight is one of several diseases caused by fungal infections in tomatoes. The main types are early and late blight. The fungus that cause blight move …
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