April Moon Rose Growing Guide

April Moon RosesThe April Moon Rose is an heirloom rose that produces large, fragrant blooms all summer long. The buds of this heirloom rose start out as red, then the blooms slowly unfurl to reveal a lemon yellow rose that can be as large as 5 inches in diameter. As the April Moon Rose produces its last blooms in the cool weather in fall, the yellow roses will have a blush of red on the tips of each petal.

Plant Characteristics

Not only are the blooms impressive on this golden oldie, but the rose bush itself is also a show-stopper. The upright-growing rose bush will reach a mature size of three feet tall and wide.The new leaf growth starts out as a coppery color, then turns a rich dark green with a leathery texture as leaves reach maturity. The bush is deciduous, has dense foliage from the ground up and leaves turn yellow in the fall. Multiple blooms are borne on each stem, with blooms beginning in late spring and lasting until fall frost. The bush will produce rose hips that can be harvested and used for decor’, tea or jelly making.

How to Plant

Early spring after all danger of frost is past is the ideal time for planting a April Moon Rose bush.Chose a location that receives at least 6 hours of daily sunshine and has well draining soil. Dig a hole twice the size and depth of the rose bush’s roots. Back-fill planting hole and add compost or cow manure, then plant container rose bush at the same depth as it was in the pot. Firm the soil around the bush, water in well and add two inches of organic mulch around the base of the rose to help retain soil moisture.

After Care

The April Moon Rose is a very hardy, easy-to-care for plant, that’s one of the reasons it’s been around for so long. The bush is disease resistant, drought tolerant and is not particular about the soil it’s planted in. The bush will need to be dead-headed after roses fade throughout the summer. The dead-heading will stimulate the bush to grow. When the bush needs a more serious pruning, wait until late winter/early spring to do so. Roses are voracious drinkers and eaters. During the growing season, give your April Moon rose a deep watering (1-2 inches) each week. Do not feed for the first month to give the roots time to become established, after that, feed bushes monthly. Established rose bushes need to be fed once in early spring when buds first begin to swell.


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